• 100+ Sporting Activities Covered
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance Team
  • Cover Available Up To 18 months
  • Up To £5000 Cancellation Cover

There is nothing worse spending time preparing for your holiday and a natural disaster or ‘large scale event’ stopping you from going on holiday. Cancellation is something that is included as standard within most policies, however when an event happens that is uncommon and unforeseen like a terrorist attack or a tsunami, you generally need specialist cover at an additional cost.

This is where our “Large Scale Events Extension” can help you get the cover you need at an affordable price.

What does the Large Scale Events Extensions cover?

Our “Large Scale Events Extension” provides you with additional cover and a safety net in case a large scale event (defined as below) happens prior to your trip. It covers you for cancellation of your trip, trip delay, missed departure, missed connection, cutting short your trip and substitute accommodation if any of the below happen:

  • A natural catastrophe
  • A terrorism events (excluding Cyber & attacks which involves chemical, nuclear or biological devices)
  • The presence of unauthorised, unmanned aircraft
  • Air traffic control restrictions including airspace closure
  • Failure of air traffic control or airport computer systems
  • An event occurring at your departure point that causes its closure or evacuation

You’ll be protected against a range of events which have the potential to ruin anyone’s holiday, meaning you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered.

I’ve noticed that you cover “natural catastrophes” what does this actually cover?

We define a “natural catastrophe” by the following: “volcanic ash and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, flooding of more than 50 square km, wildfire of more than 50 square km”.

Do you cover terrorism?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your holiday has been affected by an event declared as a terrorist attack by the UK Government, then you have protection under our “Large Scale events extension” except for the following situations:

  • Any Cyber terrorism events
  • Any terrorism event which involves chemical, nuclear or biological devices

How much cover will I have?

The cover for these events will depend on the policy that you have purchased, as the extension enhances the cover you already have by covering you for cancellation and curtailment caused by more extreme events. To find out the cover that is available, you would need to refer to your policy wording.

Do you cover volcanic ash or volcanic eruptions?

Yes, this extension provides cover for “natural catastrophes” and we would class a volcanic eruption or volcanic ash as falling into this category.

Does this extension cover claims related to COVID-19?

No, the “Large Scale Events extension” does not provide any cover for claims that are related to COVID-19, but our COVID-19 extension provides extra protection against various scenarios related to coronavirus

Does this extension cover tsunamis?

Yes, this type of event would be considered a natural catastrophe as defined in the policy wording.

Why Choose Flexicover Travel Insurance?

24/7 Emergency Medical Helpline

100+Activities Covered As Standard

Up to£10mMedical Cover Per Person

Up to £5,000 Cancellation Cover Per Person

What extra cover is available?

At Flexicover, you can enjoy optional cover extras as part of our single and multi trip policies such as:

  • Golf Extension
  • Cruise Extension (must be added to your policy if you’re planning a cruise)
  • COVID-19 Extension

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