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Activities Covered

Use the table below to find all the activities you are covered for, and which require you to pay an additional premium.

Abseiling (within organiser’s guidelines)Activity
Aerial Safaris (in chartered aircraft and an organised excursion)Air Boarding
Archaeological DiggingBig Foot Skiing
Archery *‡Cross Country Skiing (Recognised Paths)
Athletics *‡Dry Slope Skiing/Snowboarding
BadmintonGlacier Skiing/Walking
Bamboo rafting (Inshore Only)Ice Cricket*
Banana Boating (Inshore Only)Ice Windsurfing*
Bar and Restaurant WorkKick Sledging
Baseball *‡Langlauf
Beach gamesNordic Skiing (Recognised Paths)
BilliardsOff-Piste Skiing/Snowboarding (Within Resort Boundaries)
Blading (no stunts)On-Piste Skiing/Snowboarding
Board Sailing *‡(Inshore Only)Ski Randonnee
Body Boarding (Inshore Only)Ski Run Walking
Boogie Boarding (Inshore Only)Ski Skimming
Bowling/BowlsSki Touring
Bungee Jumping *‡Skidooing‡*
Cable Car RideSledging
Camel Riding/Trekking *‡Snow Blading
Canoeing/Rafting/White Water Rafting/Kayaking up to grade 3 (Inshore Only)Shoe Shoeing
Canoeing/Rafting/White Water Rafting/Kayaking grades 4 and 5 (Inshore Only)Snow Tubing
Catamaran/Yachting/Sailing (Inshore Only)Snow Zorbing
Clay pigeon shooting/small Bore target shooting/rifle range *‡Snowcat Skiing (With a Professional Guide)
Climbing (on climbing wall only)Snowmobiling‡*
Cross Country Running
Cycling (Excluding Mountain Biking, BMX and Touring) *‡
Dancing (including lesson participation)
Deep Sea Fishing (Inshore Only)
Dinghy Sailing*‡(Inshore Only)
Dry Slope Skiing / Boarding
Dragon Boat Racing *‡(Inshore Only)
Elephant Riding/Trekking*‡
Fell Running (up to 4,000 metres)
Fell Walking (up to 4,000 metres)
Fishing (Inshore Only)
Flag American Football
Flying as a passenger in an aircraft (private plane/Helicopter/Glider)
Fruit or vegetable picking (under 3 metres)
Flag Football
Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee
Glass bottom boats/bubbles
Gliding as a passenger and with a qualified pilot
Go Karting (up to 120cc, wearing a helmet)*‡
Gorilla Trekking (organised tours only)
Helicopter Rides (passenger only)
Hiking up to 4,000 metres
Hobie Cat Sailing*‡(Inshore Only)
Hockey (field)
Horse Riding (wearing a helmet and excluding racing, jumping, hunting and less that 7 days)*‡
Hot Air Ballooning (passenger only)
Hot Dogging up to grade 3
Hot Springs
Hydro Zorbing
Ice Skating (rink only)
In-line Skating (no stunts)
Ice Surfing*‡
Ice Cricket*‡
Jet Boating (passenger only)*‡(Inshore Only)
Kayaking (incl. White Water) up to grade 3 (Inshore Only)
Kayaking (incl. White Water) grades 4 and 5*‡(Inshore Only)
Llama Riding*‡
Land Skiing
Mopeds (maximum 125cc, and passed CBT training, wearing a helmet)*‡
Motorcycling (maximum 125cc, and passed CBT training, wearing a helmet)*‡
Mule Trekking*‡
Orienteering (up to 4,000 metres above sea level)
Ostrich riding*‡
Parachuting tandem only*‡
Parascending/Parasailing (towed by a boat over water) (Inshore Only)
Pedalos (Inshore Only)
Pony Trekking (wearing a helmet)*‡
Power Boating (passenger only)* (Inshore Only)
Racquet Ball / Rackets*‡
Rambling (up to 4,000 metres above sea level)
Reverse Bungee*‡
Rifle Range* ‡
Ringos (Inshore Only)
River Bugging*‡
River Sledging*‡
River Tubing*‡
Roller Skating/Blading/In-line (incidental, wearing pads, helmet and no stunts)
Rowing (Inshore Only)
Safari in a vehicle/Trekking/Tracking (organised tour, no fire arms)
Sailing/Yachting European Waters only‡(Inshore Only)
Sand Duning‡
Sand Skiing* ‡
Sand Surfing‡
Sand Yachting*‡
Scuba Diving (up to a depth of 30 metres (if qualified or accompanied by qualified instructor and not diving alone) (Inshore Only)
Sea Fishing (Inshore Only)
Sea Kayaking (withing European Waters, no racing) (Inshore Only)
Shark Diving (professionally supervised in a cage) (Inshore Only)
Skin Diving (up to a depth of 30 metres (if qualified or accompanied by a qualified instructor and not diving alone) (Inshore Only)
Skateboarding (waring pads and helmet, no stunts)
Skydiving (Tandem only)*‡
Sledding/Sledging or Sleigh Riding (passenger only if pulled by Horse, Dogs or Reindeer)
Small Bore Target Shooting*‡
Snorkelling (Inshore Only)
Speed Boating (passenger only)*‡
Spinning Class
Surfing (Inshore Only)
Swimming (Inshore Only)
Swimming with Dolphins (Inshore Only)
Swimming/Bathing with Elephants*‡
Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk (organised and walking across clipped onto a safety line)
Table Tennis
Tall Ship Crewing*‡(Inshore Only)
Team Building
Ten Pin Bowling
Touch Football
Tree Top Trekking/Canopy Walking
Trekking (below 4,000 metres only)
Tug of War
Wake Boarding (Inshore Only)
Walking (below 4,000 metres only)
Water Hockey
Water Polo
Water Skiing (no jumping) (Inshore Only)
Wicker Basket Tobagganing
Whale Watching (Inshore Only)
Wheelchair Basketball
Windsurfing (Inshore Only)
Wind Tunnel Flying (wearing pads and helmet)
Glacier Walking
Yachting/Sailing (European Waters only) (Inshore Only)
Zorbing/Hydro Zorbing

‡ no cover under the Personal Accident section

* no cover under the Personal Liability section

All of the above are covered as standard on our single and multi trip policies.

Wintersports activities are only covered as standard on our specialist wintersports policies.

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