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Cancellation Cover

There may be many unforeseen reasons where a trip may be cut short or cancelled and it is always important that you check that your travel insurance has holiday insurance cancellation cover.

Travel insurance cancellation cover is a benefit available in most travel insurance policies. The cancellation cover begins from the date that the premium is paid for a single trip policy and for Annual multi-trip policies where cover starts from the start date on the policy schedule or the time of booking the trip (whichever is the later) and terminates on commencement of any trip or expiry of the policy.

The travel insurance with cancellation will not cover all situations and if you are a close relative, a travelling companion not insured on our policy or a person who you plan to stay with on your trip, during the 90 days prior to taking out the insurance or when booking a trip under an annual multi-trip policy (whichever is later) the following arise, cancellation cover would not apply. This is because a claim would need to be unforeseen before the policy is taken out.

  1. You may need surgery, inpatient treatment or hospital consultations;
  2. You may have needed any treatment or prescribed medication; or were on a waiting list for, or knew they needed surgery, inpatient treatment or tests at any hospital or clinic when this policy started; or
  3. had been diagnosed with a terminal condition (that will cause their death) before this policy started.

This policy will not provide cover under Cancellation, curtailment or trip interruption) that resulted directly from any medical condition you knew about before the policy started, and that affects:

a close relative who is not travelling and is not insured under this policy;

someone travelling with you who is not insured under this policy; or

a person you plan to stay with on your trip;

Travel insurance with cancellation does provide extensive cover and where a trip has unexpectedly been cancelled examples of the benefits payable may be as follows.

any irrecoverable unused travel and accommodation costs (including excursions up to £250)

other pre-paid charges which you have paid or are contracted to pay, together with your proportion only of any reasonable additional travel expenses incurred if:
  1. cancellation of the trip is necessary and unavoidable
  2. the trip is curtailed or interrupted before completion as a result of any of the following events occurring:

The cancellation cover extends to the death, bodily injury, illness, disease or complications of pregnancy and childbirth of:
  1. you
  2. any person with whom you are travelling or have arranged to travel with
  3. any person whom you have arranged to stay with
  4. your close relative
  5. your close business associate.

The amount payable will be up to the amount shown in the policy schedule

When presenting a claim you will need to provide at your own expense documentation to support the cancellation. This may be:-

  1. A medical certificate from the treating medical practitioner explaining why it was necessary for you to cancel or curtail the trip.
  2. In the case of death causing cancellation or curtailment of the trip, the original death certificate.
  3. Booking confirmation together with a cancellation invoice from your travel agent, tour operator or provider of transport/accommodation.
  4. For curtailment claims, written details from your travel agent, tour operator or provider of transport/accommodation showing the separate costs of transport, accommodation and other pre-paid costs or charges that made up the total cost of the trip.
  5. Your unused travel tickets.
  6. Receipts or bills for any costs, charges or expenses claimed for.
  7. In the case of compulsory quarantine, a letter from the relevant authority or the treating medical practitioner.
  8. In the case of jury service or witness attendance, the court summons. The letter of redundancy for redundancy claims.
  9. If in the Armed Forces, Territorial Army, Police. Fire, Nursing , Ambulance Services or employee of a Government Department, a letter from the commanding officer concerned, confirming cancellation of authorised leave or call up for operational reasons.
  10. In the case of serious damage to your home, a report from the Police or relevant authority.

That trip of a lifetime using hard earned savings could prove expensive if you need to cancel and do not have travel insurance with cancellation. Remain protected and never travel without it.

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