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When taking a trip, your insurance policy will often contain cover for the loss, damage or theft of your baggage. The event must be accidental and all settlements will be subject to the deduction of any excess shown in the policy, depreciation loss of value), and wear and tear. There will often be a single article limit or pair, set, i.e. golf clubs and a total limit for any valuables that may fall under a claim. Baggage insurance cover includes:-

Emergency replacement of clothing, medication or toiletries if baggage lost in transit for more than 12 hours

Loss, damage or theft of any item not left unattended. All claims for loss, theft or attempted theft must be reported to the police within 24 hours and a written report must be obtained which is not refundable by the insurer.

What your baggage cover does not cover:-

The policy excess shown in your policy for every claim by each traveller

Loss, damage or theft of any item of your luggage insurance left unattended.

Special conditions apply to baggage left unattended in a vehicle, it must be out of sight and forcible and violent entry must have taken place.

Loss or damage due to delay, confiscation or detention by customs or any other authority.

Loss, theft of or damage to unset precious stones, contact or corneal lenses, hearing aids, dental or medical fittings, antiques, musical instruments, documents of any kind, bonds, securities, perishable goods (such as foodstuffs), bicycles, ski equipment, and damage to suitcases (unless the suitcases are entirely unusable as a result of one single incidence of damage).

Loss or damage due to cracking, scratching, breakage of or damage to china, glass (other than glass in watch faces, cameras, binoculars or telescopes), porcelain or other brittle or fragile articles unless caused by fire, theft, or an accident to the aircraft, sea vessel, train or vehicle in which they are being carried.

Loss or damage due to breakage of sports equipment or damage to sports clothing whilst in use.

Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, depreciation (loss in value), atmospheric or climatic conditions, moth, vermin, any process of cleaning repairing or restoring, mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, prepaid minutes you have not used, mobile rental charges or prepayments.

Baggage claims can be expensive and when shopping for baggage insurance UK do make sure that you select the correct level of baggage cover that is needed for your luggage insurance. You may find that you have other policies that can cover some of the items of cover, perhaps some gadget insurance for your mobile phone or household all risks insurance to cover jewellery and watches.

Care must be taken at all times when you have baggage with you as if a claim arises insurers will be looking to see that the baggage has been adequately protected at all times whilst in your possession.

If baggage is lost, stolen or damaged while in the care of a carrier, transport company, authority, hotel or your accommodation provider you must report to them, in writing, details of the loss, theft or damage and get written confirmation. If baggage is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the care of an airline you must:

  1. Get a Property Irregularity Report from the airline.
  2. Give formal written notice of the claim to the airline within the time limit contained in their conditions of carriage (please retain a copy).
  3. Keep all travel tickets and tags for submission if you are going to make a claim under this policy.
  4. You must provide proof of ownership for items lost, stolen or damaged as this will help you to substantiate your claim. Please see the Claims evidence for examples of what we will accept as proof.

Any claim that result from you losing your baggage or it being damaged or delayed while being held by an airline, should be made to the airline first. Any money you get under this policy will be reduced by the amount of compensation you receive from the airline for the same event.

You will be expected to prove ownership of any baggage and insurers will be looking for receipts and dates of purchased for any item that is claimed for. Other proof of ownership may be bank statements, instruction manuals, insurance valuations or photographs.

In order to satisfy any claim, insurers may replace, reinstate or repair any item that is claimed for or provide a cash settlement.

When travelling with your baggage always ensure that this is secure and the item is clearly labelled showing your name and place of return. When your baggage is passed to another carrier, always make sure that you receive a receipt for this which should contain full details of the terms of carriage. When out and about remember to leave any item of value in a hotel safe and always keep baggage attended at all times. When parking up for sightseeing place any item in a locked boot of the car and not leave items on view.

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