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Tunisia travel insurance

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Tunisia travel insurance

Tunisia, as a destination, is a great option to plan for if you are out to beat the cold of winter! With fantastic beaches, luxury hotels and warm temperatures all year around, there is much that you can do while spending your precious holiday time here. Apart from the coast, though, a little more exploration will reveal and entirely unexplored sphere of Tunisia. With the massive landscape of the Sahara Desert at your feet, it is easy to feel yourself transported to a mythical time peopled by fascinating people and creatures.

Start with an exploration of Tunis! This old city comes with a unique blend of French and Arabic influences. Explore the ancient covered market, the Medina and visit the Zitouna Grand Mosque. Other cities like Sfax, Sousse, Ettadhamen, Gabes and Kairouan are also worth visiting. You should also take some time to go and visit Cap Bon Peninsula, the Bardo Museum, the Bulla Regia Roman ruins, Chott El Jerid and the beautiful islands of Djerba. Dougga, El-Jem, Lake Ichkeul and Matmata are also sites worth visiting!

Apart from its cities and sites, though, Tunisia also offers a range of experiences to choose from. Set out into the majestic Sahara for a desert safari. Go visit Dido’s Lament. Find yourself lost for words in the magnificent village of Sidi Bou Said. Ride the Dotto train and the Red Lizard Train. Ride a camel in the Sahara Desert! Go for a horse and cart ride into an oasis! If that is not enough, you can also visit the Salt Flats at Sunrise, explore the Troglodyte Caves at Matmata or visit the El Djem amphitheatre.

Food is an important aspect of this destination. With a distinctly Mediterranean influence, the dishes here are sure to delight you! Start your meal with a helping of Couscous; make your way to kousksi bil ghalmi, kousksi bil djaj and some kousksi bil arnab. You should also try out some Brik, Tajin, Shroba and wind up your meal with some Slata.

Along with food, the adventurous will also find a number of extreme sports to try their hands at. The favourable climate of the country ensures that you can try out some fabulous water sports like windsurfing and scuba diving or play a few rounds in one of the many world-class golf courses. The region is also a hot bed for dune surfing and sand-yachting. You can also go horse riding on the beaches of Djerba and Zarzis or hike thorough any of the many national parks.

Even the most adventurous, though, should be mindful of their personal safety. With a number of single trip travel insurance, annual multi trip travel insurance and gap year travel insurance covers, Flexicover is here to help with just that! Whether you happen to lose your luggage, start feeling sick or miss that essential flight, we have a range of covers to protect your valuable time and invested effort.

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