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South Korea Travel Insurance

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South Korea Travel Insurance

The country of South Korea comprises of a perfect mix of ancient traditional culture and modern aspects of the country. The several attractions that are scattered around the country reflect the perfect blend of the ancient and the modern day civilization making it the perfect destination for an exciting family visit!

Begin your journey at the rustic city of Ch’unch’on where visitors can experience the peace and serenity that is opposed to the hustle and bustle of urban cities. Next city in the itinerary should be the city of Incheon, which is the waterfront to some of the best activities and entertainment avenues here, before moving onto the capital city of Seoul and its vibrant and urban lifestyle that can be seen in every street here. Move onto Ch’ungju and its iconic national parks and hot springs before you visit the charming waterfront city of Busan, where you can complete your journey. The other cities that are a must visit are Chonju, Taegu, Kwangju and Cheju.

South Korea is known for its abundant and iconic attractions around the country. Visitors must visit the N Seoul Tower where visitors can view the skyline of the city at the highest point. The National Folk Museum of Korea is another attraction that houses over four thousand historical artifacts of the lifestyle and cultural beliefs of the ancient civilization here. No visit is completed without a visit to one of the several temples in the country, the popular one being the Bulguksa, the head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. To experience the authentic beauty of the environment of South Korea, the Seoraksan National Park will be the ideal place to visit.

The cuisines of South Korea are slowly becoming popular around the world, where visitors crave its exquisite fermented and spicy dishes. While most of the meal centres around rice and a delectable soup, the other side dishes comprise of meals known as the kimchi and the konnamul. Each meal is mostly accompanied with two different sauces known as the doenjang and the gochujang, which are extremely spicy. Only those who are adventerous enough to tackle these fiery delights are welcomed to experience these dishes.

South Korea is not without its exciting adventure sports and activities. Noraebang, popularly known as karaoke is a popular entertainment that is enjoyed in large groups. For more adventure sports, visitors can visit the local mountains for hiking or trekking when the weather permits. Winter is the season for snowboarding and skiing in the local hills. Boating and cruising is also available during the summer seasons that attracts a lot of visitors from around the world.

No matter how you plan your trip, the factor of precaution and safety for yourself and your family is a must. With the distinct possibility of mayhem and mishaps that might occur during the trip, a safety net is an ideal welcoming relief. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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