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San Marino; this micro land locked country is an exciting destination will definitely surprise you with its history and charm. Although it has a strong influence from its Italian neighbour, its strong and rich past will leave you in though an awe. So if you are looking for a different and exciting trip, pack your bags and prepare yourself for the plethora of surprises you will be receiving here!

Begin your journey at Serravalle at the city of Dogana, which is a popular entry point for most travellers. Next travel towards Lesignano and onto the town of Torraccia. Travel onwards to the town of Faetano, before you reach the town of Borgo Maggiore. Here, you must visit the iconic market place which resulted in the name of the town. Don’t forget to scale up the town of San Marino on the famous cable car that runs here. Next, travel to the city of San Marino, which is the official capital of the country. History lovers will take great delight in this city, as it is home to the country’s rich history. Next, travel onwards through the town of Canepa, after which you will reach Crociale where you will end your journey.

Explore the extensive slopes of the Monte Titano Mountain, which is a natural pride of the country and also enjoys the status of the UNESCO world heritage site. Here, you will find remnants of the fortification towers, walls, gates, bastions along with the neo classical basilica. In addition to this, you must visit the exciting peaks of De La Fratta which is also known as Cesta, and also houses the Saint Marinus museum. To explore the true architectural beauty of the country, visit the magnificent structure of the Basilica Di San Marino which is one of the main basilicas in the country. Another religious structure that is a must visit is the Chiesa di San Francesco. Not only is it home to tomb of Bishop Marino Madroni, but adjacent to this structure lies a museum which holds several preserved paintings by famous Guercino and Raphael. To explore the true history of the country, visit the Sammarinese Museum of Ancient Arms which holds over 2000 ancient arms and armours.

The San Marino cuisines have a strong influence from its neighbours but have several distinctive yet signature meals that set it apart from the rest. A must try is the fagioli con le cotiche, which is a local savoury and normally served during winter. The pasta – e – ceci is also delicious when consumed along with the nidi di rondine. If you want to try a total delectable delight, try the Piada. Indulging in your sweet tooth will not be much of a task here. Do try the sinful delight of the Torta Tre Monti which will be the perfect choice for you. In addition to this, the bustrego and the verretta also make delightful additions. To compliment your meal, you must try the local beer or the spirits which are a local favourite. If non – alcoholic beverages are more of your kind, do try the coffee.

Although there is not much scope for a variety of activities here you can always tour the local attractions here. Do take part in the local tours, where the guides will provide you with ample information and a few interesting facts about the country. Football runs in the blood of the locals, so if you want a bit of a game you can always visit the local hangout where the locals play.

Surely you will be planning a journey filled with adventure and excitement. However, with plenty of activities and excitement to experience, surely there are a lot of adventures waiting for you. No matter how well you plan your trip, there is always a possibility of mishap or calamity occurring that can turn your journey into a bad experience. With the possibility of these events happening unexpectedly, it is best to be prepared with a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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