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Palau travel insurance

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Palau travel insurance

Palau is the perfect destination filled with plenty of underwater marvels and beauty. Known for its spectacular snorkeling destinations and spectacular diving sites, visitors from all around the world travel here for a glimpse of perfect coral reefs, blue holes and hidden caved and tunnels. So pack your swimsuit today and head here for a wonderful adventure.

There are several destinations that are worth visiting here, right from the islands to the various cities. Amongst all the surrounding islands, Koror, Malakal and Arakabesang islands are a must visit. There are plenty of attractions here which include a variety of military facilities, geisha houses, Shinto shrines and public baths to visit here. Peleliu is another destination that is a must visit. This tranquil destination is best known for its isolation and makes for an excellent escapade. Apart from this, the Babeldaob islands and the Rock island are another two destinations that must be included in your itinerary.

There are plenty of underwater attractions that make for an excellent visit. You must visit the splendid Blue corner, German Channel and the Ulong Channel where there are plenty of diving sites to visit. Palau Jellyfish Lake is one attraction that is popular especially for its evolved jellyfish which are known for their lost stinging ability. If you want to view the spectacular surroundings, head to the Long Island Park or the Icebox Park which offers a wonderful view of the surrounding. Apart from these destinations, you must also visit the iconic Mother and Child stone that represents the local folklore. Badrulchau is another destination that is must visit, especially for its large basalt monoliths that have existed since time unknown.

Palau is best known for its local staples and seafood cuisines. There are plenty of mouthwatering dishes that include cassava, taro, yam, potato, fish and pork. Apart from this, you will find plenty of cuisines that have been influenced by the Korean, Chinese and American culture which also include the indigenous flavour. You can wash down the meal with a delicious coconut drink or a beverage made from the local kava plant.

When it comes to activities, Palau is not without its plenty of water adventures. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling in the different dive sites here. You can even visit the local lakes for an undiscovered water adventure. Apart from this, you can even tour or hike to the local attractions. For a family adventure, head to the local aquarium with the family where you can discover the local marine life on dry land.

Although you plan your holiday for fun and adventure on this adventure filled island, there are times when an unexpected accident or harm might come to your safety. This is crucial as it may hamper your trip. The best way to protect yourself in such cases is to have a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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