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North Korea travel insurance

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North Korea travel insurance

Although North Korea is most famed for a country that is driven by a stringent government, it has plenty of attractions to view and discover. Don’t let the tough government rule discourage you from discovering mesmerizing and magical moments here. So pack your bags and look out for an adventure here!

Begin your journey at Hoeryong, which is known for the concentration camp that is located here. Next, travel ahead to Hyesan, which is best known for its copper deposits and mining. Next, travel to Kimchaek. This city is best known for its important sea port especially to Japan. Additionally, you will see a lot of ironworks here. Travel onwards to the city of Kanggye which is most famous for the attractions of the Inphung Pavilion and Mount Ryonhwa. Next, travel to Huichon. Here, you will find the country’s infamous silk thread production a Korean specialty since ancient times. Travel onwards to the city of Sunchon. Do travel here and view the remnants of the iconic Battle of Sunchon before you travel ahead. The capital city of Pyongyang is your next destination. There are plenty of attractions to view here, which include the majestic statue of the country’s ruler, the Juche Tower and the Children’s Palace. Travel ahead to Changyon, which is a major connection hub. Finally, finish your journey at Kaesong, which has several exciting landmarks to view. When you travel here, don’t forget to visit the exciting tombs here which are home to several royal figures.

North Korea is best known for its attractions that reflect its strong history and culture. One of the most famous one is the Juche tower, which stands as a symbol of the country’s traditions and belief. To experience the true dedication to the country’s ruler, visit the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun which is mausoleum of the Kim Il-sung. Similar to this attraction is the monument of the Tomb of King Kongmin, which is home to several royal individuals from early history. Another monument that is dedicated to the history of the country is the Arch of Triumph. This monument stands as a monument of the resistance war towards Japan. And that is not all the attractions the country has to offer. To view one of the best natural beauties here, travel to the Paektu Baekdu or the Changbai Mountain. Travel here and you will be rewarded with a wonderful view, especially with the Heaven Lake.

Most of the cuisines found here originated from the ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions. You will find a lot of meals that are based upon rice, vegetables and meat. Do try the kimchi which is served along with all meals. Another popular cuisine that is a must try is the bibimba. Along with this cuisine, you must try the boribap and the nurungji. For the dessert, do try the tteok and the songpyeon. Most meals are served along with beverages that include makgeolli and various home brewed teas.

While the recreational activities are restricted here, there are various ventures which will provide you with the entertainment you desire. Travel on the different tours here and you can experience the secrets of the country. You can even indulge in few different sports especially in the different sport stadiums here. Do try the golf course for a few holes in one. You can even try your arm at target practice at the shooting range here.

Although your journey will be filled with different exciting ventures, it can include both good and bad experiences. A priority must be given to your safety. With unforeseen mishaps and calamities a high probability, it is important that you have a back- up plan in the form of safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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