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Nigeria travel insurance

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Nigeria travel insurance

Nigeria is a country that resembles a precious jewel that is lost amongst the dusty and drudge filled mines. It is one of the most economically and politically dominated countries in Africa that is filled with old world traditional followers blended with a warm and welcoming invite. Visitors will take back abundant memories once they travel to this rare and beautiful country of Africa.

To begin your destination, enter the lively city of Lagos where you can experience the country’s liveliness before you move onto the serene and spiritual city of Oshogbo which is a complete contrast to the earlier city. Calabar is your next destination, where you can experience its historic past along with the major palm oil exporting industries. The capital city of Abuja will be next on your itinerary with its made to measure feature and a quiet and calm atmosphere, especially during the weekends. Move onto Jos, one of the oldest holiday destinations of the country since ancient times, where visitors can experience its several historic monuments and museums. Visit the oldest city in the country, the city of Kano where there are extremely fascinating sights. Finally, end your journey at the wonderful city of Maiduguri popularly known as the Home of Peace.

Nigeria is not without its fascinating experience and wonderful monuments especially filled with a large variety of national parks. The great Zuma Rock is one natural monolith attraction comprising of gabbro and grandiorite that stands over 725 metres high. The Kamuku National Park is one of the most popular ones, with its distinctive Sudanian Savanna ecology, which is home to over 117 species of birds and animals. Take a stroll near the banks of the Lagos Lagoon and you can be lucky enough to watch small local barges and boats go by. Take a walk down memory lane of the countries historical pass in the Nigerian National Museum which also includes a variety of local art, statuary, carvings and archaeological exhibits. Your journey will not be completed without a visit to the iconic and intricate Abuja National Mosque which makes for the perfect view especially in the background of a picturesque sunset.

Nigeria has a diverse variety of cuisines that satisfies the need and taste of every different palate. Gastronomic adventures will be spoilt of choice with options like the afang soup, okra soup and the owo soup amongst other meals. Each meal is distinctively prepared with a delightful lip smacking combination of spices, herbs and palm oil or groundnut oil. Traditional meals comprise of any rice combination along with bean based side dishes. Some of the delectable meat dishes are suya, tsire and kilishi which are local delights.

There are several adventure sports that can be undertaken here in selected regions. Plenty of water sports can be undertaken in the coastal areas where one can go swimming, surfing, or even deep sea diving. Go camping and trekking in the interiors of this country for the perfect outdoor experience.

No matter how you plan your journey, you should always remember to keep your family and your safety as a priority. With unforeseen mishaps and calamities a high probability, it is important that you have a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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