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Nauru travel insurance

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Nauru travel insurance

Naru may have a rich past, but today it stands in the shadow of its former glory. Known for its phosphate deposits and abundant supply of fertilizers to its neighbouring countries, today it stands as a lone travel destination that offers its visitors its former pleasantness with its wild surrounding oceans and tranquil ambience. Travel here today to discover the secrets that this destination has to offer to you.

There are plenty of places here to visit, each with their own attractions and adventures. Some of them include Nibok, Wabope, Baiti, Arubo and Ronave. The other places that are a must visit include Anbar, Ijuq and Ganokoro. Anibare is one place that you must not miss out on. It has a splendid bay with plenty of tropical beaches. Another attraction here is the harbour here, it is a definite must visit especially since it was sponsored by the Japanese government.

Although this island may seem small, there are plenty of attractions to visit and explore here. History lovers must visit the splendid cantilevers that were constructed and abandoned back in the early 19th century. Another historic monument that is a must visit is the Command Ridge which still holds the remnants of the old WW2 guns. For a splendid visit, do travel to the former Presidents house which was burnt down in the early 2000’s. Those looking for a natural wonder must head to the splendid Buada Lagoon which is located in the interior of the islands.

Since most of the lands were dedicated to the mining of phosphorous, very little land was dedicated for agriculture. Much of the food here is imported; therefore, you will find a lot of fast food meals here. In addition to this, you will also find a lot of delectable seafood cuisines here. You will find plenty of cuisines with influences from the Chinese, Vietnamese and European cultures. Most of the meals are light, but include a variety of flavours which include exotic vegetables and fruits.

This coastal island has plenty of activities that will leave you wanting for more. You can take a tour along the coastal areas and visit the whole island within an hour. You can also catch a game of football as this is a popular game that is played amongst the locals here. For a more exciting adventure, you can head out to the waters for a swim or even hook a fish, during an angling expedition.

While there is plenty to do here and various attractions to explore, you must ensure that you plan your trip properly. This includes your safety. While you can plan your vacation to include exciting attractions and adventures, you must be prepared for different events or an accident that can affect your trip. Without the proper planning, these events can harm your safety or health. Therefore it is important you plan for a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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