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Macedonia travel insurance

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Macedonia travel insurance

Macedonia has an intricate blend of the Balkan region and the Mediterranean ambiance. Travel here and you will be greeted with a variety of lively activities, natural beauty, ancient sites and a buzzing modern nightlife that will satisfy your fill of adventure. So what are you waiting for?

Struga is the destination to begin your journey. Take a stroll through the villages located near the coastal area for a rustic stay. Next, travel ahead to city of Ohrid, which has a lot of mesmerizing attractions and also enjoys the status of a UNESCO heritage site. Your next destination is Bitola, known especially for its time honoured café culture. Travel onwards to Krusevo, which is surrounded by a lush and thriving landscape. Stroll through this wonderful village and you will be greeted with a rustic experience like no other. Prilep is your next destination, which is famed for the Marko towers. Take a walk through this place and you will be greeted with a plethora of churches and monasteries around the city. Travel to Strumica which is home to the legendary Strumica Carnival and the relaxing hot springs before you travel to Veles. Known as the city of poetry, culture, history and tradition this city will leave you with a true appreciation for the local culture. Your next stop is the capital city of Skopje, where you can experience many historic landmarks and architectural monuments. Finally, travel to Kumanovo where you will be greeted with a modern day culture and an active nightlife.

With a country that has a strong cultural and religious influence, you will find a lot of mesmerizing and fascinating churches and monasteries here. A must visit is the Church of St. John, which is known for its architectural design, it is also known for its mesmerizing view of the cliffs below. Markovi Kuli or Marko’s fortress as it is known and is known to be an archaeological gem, as it was built in the early 12th century and stands even till today. For another historical architectural beauty, visit the Skopje Aqueduct which was built in the 18th century. For a spectacular view of the famous nature, you must visit Mount Korab. To complete this nature walk, do visit the Mavrovo Lake which is not only known for its recreational activities but also for the half submerged church in the lake.

The Macedonian cuisines will leave you with a delicious and mouthwatering delight, with a single bite. You can easily find a perfect blend of the Balkan and the Mediterranean cultures in each cuisine. Do try the traditional meals, do try the tacve – gravce and the turli tava alonfd with polneti piperki. For those who love spicy hotness, do try the pindzur. The selsko meso is the perfect choice for those who want a distinctive yet filling meal. For desserts the kadaif, med and tulumba will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. When it comes to the different beverages, you will not be disappointed here. You can try the different varieties of coffee, wine and beer. The mastika is the national drink that one must definitely try here.

There are plenty of activities one can indulge in here. Those craving for an adrenaline rush will not be disappointed here. You can go swimming or water skiing on the lakes here. Additionally, you can even go skiing and snowboarding during the winter seasons around the mountainous areas. If these activities are not your choice, you can easily go for a hike or trek on the local landscapes.

Planning a trip for adventure and excitement is very easy. You can spend hours on end ensuring you have the perfect trip before you even embark on it. However, at times, there is a high possibility that an unexpected event or mishap might ruin your trip or even harm your safety. In order to be prepared for such eventuality, you must keep a stand by safety net in place. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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