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Kyrgyzstan travel insurance

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Kyrgyzstan travel insurance

When it comes to the Kyrgyzstan, be prepared to marvel at the splendid sights here. Be prepared to travel through the unspoilt mountainscapes or even view the stark craggy ridges. You can even view the splendid rolling summer pastures that come alive with the local cultural infused civilization. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself falling in love with this destination when you travel here.

Karakol is the destination to begin your eventful journey. This destination is truly a gem in the sand, with its year long trekking, mountaineering, skiing and spa opportunities which are set against the picture perfect setting of the traditional Russian homes. Next, travel ahead to Balykchy. Known as the center of the lake’s fishing fleet, this one splendid destination is now best known for its beautiful mountain scenery. Next, travel to the capital city of Bishkek, which is best known for its architecture here. In addition to this, the splendid mountain scenery in the right season will make a perfect view. Talas is your next destination, which is over 2000 years old and is known to be the birth place of one of the many Hindu Gods. Next, travel ahead to Osh which is home to one of the largest and busiest outdoor market. Additionally, it is home to a wildly diverse civilization that has thrived for a 3000 years. You must also include several other destinations like Naryn, Uzgen, Khaidarkan and Isfara as a part of your journey through this country.

Right from its natural attractions to its ancient old culture, there is plenty of attractions to view and explore here. Issyk Kul is one such natural attraction that is a must visit. This endorheic lake is part of the local biosphere reserve and home to an ancient metropolis which is currently an archaeological excavation site. Song Kol Lake is another destination that is a must visit. Its surrounding summer pastures and mountains make for a splendid and picturesque sight. The long mountain ranges of the Pamir Mountains also make for a splendid visit for those who crave a mesmerizing sight filled with adventure. To experience the rich culture of this country, you must visit the Burana Tower, an ornate large minaret which was built in the late 9th century. No trip to the country is completed without visiting the iconic Osh bazaar, where you can experience the sell of their local and cultural influenced wares to all.

The Kyrgyz food is a delectable adventure that is a product of a long history of pastoral nomadism. A must have is the besh barmak which is the traditional soup of the country. This is often followed by a meat based dish with noodles or the local pasta. Plov and osh is another popular dish along with manti that is served amongst the locals. Samsa are meat based pies that are also popular amongst the locals and visitors. Most of the meals are accompanied with lepeshka or even tea. Apart from this, there is also kymys and vodka as a choice of beverage. Some of the other traditional drinks that you must try are the bozo, jarma or maxima. Tang is also another choice of beverage which is popular although you must develop a taste for it.

Shopping is one adventure that is worth exploring here. There are plenty of locations here that are worth exploring wherein you can get in touch with the local culture through its products. Apart from this, you can go swimming, sailing and sunbathing in the various local waterbodies. You can hike the hills or mountains and even live like a nomad with the local civilizations in these areas. You can even opt for horseback riding and even motorbike tours depending on the locations.

While your adventure will leave you with memories and experience that will last a lifetime, you need to prepare for any eventuality. Right from air travel blunders to accidents, you need to prepare for any eventuality. The best way to prepare yourself and be safe is through travel insurance. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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