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Kosovo travel insurance

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Kosovo travel insurance

Kosovo may be a new country, but it still goes a long way to provide you with a fascinating experience. Although it has a history filled with dramatic wars and fights, it now stands as one of the most enthralling countries with a perfect mix of charming mountains, perched towns, various hiking opportunities and a society that will welcome you with a warm smile. So what are you waiting for? Travel here today!

Begin your travel at Podujeve, which is home to several rustic villages scattered alongside. The nighttime is mostly active and lively, which is the best time to visit this place. Next, travel to Vucitrn which is filled with several antique local sites. After this, travel to Prishtina, which is the capital city. Its calming vibe is an ideal place where you want a refreshing and relaxing breath before you move onto your next destination. Pec is your next destination. Here, you will find a lot of sites that are homage to the orthodox Serbians, apart from its beautiful Turkish style bazaars against the background of the Rugova Mountain. Next, travel to Decani, where you must visit the Decani Monastery which is also the UNESCO world heritage building. After this, travel to Orahovac, before you reach Dakovica. Here, you will still find remnants of the old city that was damaged in the previous wars. However, the carisa’s are well worth a visit here. Finally, travel to Vitina where you can still see remnants of the old wars that were held here.

With a rich and powerful history, there will be abundant monuments and attractions that are a definite must visit here. Some of the best attractions here are the various religious structures. The Visoki Decani is one of the most important ones. This Serbian Orthodox Christian monastery has also the largest monastic katholikon in the Balkan region. The Monastery of the Patriarchate of Pec is also an important monastery which is most famed for the spiritual seat and mausoleum of the Serbian archbishops and patriarchs. The 14th century church of Our Lady of Ljevis is also a popular attraction, due the fact it was converted into a mosque before it was converted back to a the church. In addition to these attractions, the Garanica monastery stands near to them. This structure is the last remaining monumental endowment to King Milutin.

There are various scrumptious meals which you can find here that should provide you with a delectable delight. To get the best out of the seafood here, you must travel to the cities. Here, you will find a large array of fresh trout, seabass and salmon cuisines amongst the many others. A must try is the burek, which is made with the local flavour. Don’t forget to try it alongside the ayran. You can finish your meal with the Fli, a very good pastry that is found in any traditional place. Wash down your meal with the locally brewed wine or a beer for a complete Kosovo delight.

Although there is not much to do here, there are plenty of regions to explore. Go hiking or trekking here on the different landscapes wherein you can visit the various attractions. You can also go on various other tours here, where you can meet likeminded individuals like yourself for a fantastic journey.

While there are numerous ways you can explore and seek out an adventure, many a times, you will be met with unexpected mayhem or even a few calamities. This can hamper your trip while harming your security. In such cases, a security net will provide an ideal protection against any possible harm. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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