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Jordan Travel Insurance

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Jordan Travel Insurance

The landlocked land of Jordan is one of the most captivating and magical lands in the Middle East. Known for its religious and iconic history, this mystical land invites devotees and tourists alike. This land consists of a diverse landscape that ranges from the endless red sand deserts to the coral filled crystal blue waters along the sea coast. This gem of a country is a bright and lost jewel in the eyes of those who visit here.

Begin your journey at the capital city of Amman, where visitors can experience the great contrasting cultural centers of the Middle East within its boundaries. Your next destination should include the aquatic playground of Aqaba, with its exotic siesta environment and its pristine beaches. Visit Irbid, with its Mediterranean environment filled with various olive groves and pine forests. Your itinerary will not be complete without a stop at the city of Madaba, where it’s beautiful and Byzantine-era mosaics are a captivating experience.

This contrasting culturally diverse land is not without its iconic attractions. Your trip to Jordan will not be complete without a stop at Citadel, an ancient complex that was built in the Bronze age and stood the test of time. Visitors can visit the castle of Shobak, built in 1115 and stands as a remnant of some of the most iconic battles. Visit the geological treasure of Jordan and take a plunge into the saltiest water of the Dead Sea, for an exciting experience. Take a walk into Wadi Musa, along the valley of Musa, for a delightful experience in the booming town that has sprung up there.

Don’t be fooled by the historical nature and the exotic beauty of the country, as the cuisines here are as mouthwatering as the delights of the place. Sink your teeth into the freshly baked Khobez, the daily staple food which is a delight across the country. You cannot resist the mansaf, the national cuisine of the country and is best eaten with a sun dried yogurt. The other popular dishes that are a must try here are Maklouba, stuffed vegetables and freekeh.

There is an abundant option of sports and activities that can be tried out here. Scuba diving amongst the beautiful coral reefs and the pristine crystal waters of the sea is one such activity that is available to visitors. If you fancy a ride through the dessert, you can always horseback a ride through the wild winds and endless sandy fields.

While you may plan your trip to accommodate all the details possible, there is a distinct possibility of unperceived mishaps and mayhem that might occur, and threaten your safety. In such situations, a safety net is always a welcoming relief. With Flexicover, and its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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