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Guyana Travel Insurance

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Guyana Travel Insurance

With a distinctive Caribbean feel and densely filled landscape scattered around the area, Guyana is one of the places which offers a raw and authentic adventure. Right from its abundant wildlife overflowing the country to the lively nightlife that thrives here, this country is well worth exploring on an adventure.

Begin your journey at the capital city of Georgetown. Travel down the streets and you will be rewarded with rich architecture, historic monuments and fabulous restaurants. Next, travel ahead to Bartica, this town is considered to be the gateway to the interiors for the gold and diamond mining ventures. Don’t forget to visit the Marshall Falls here. Next, travel to Rockstone, which is known as the best fishing spot. If you are lucky, you can attend the annual fishing festival that is held here in the later part of the year. Travel onwards to Kurupukari which is famed for the Kurupukari waterfalls. Next, travel ahead to Kumaka and visit the rustic village that is located here. You can also hike to the Kumaka Falls here and bask in the natural beauty here. Finally finish your journey at the town of Oronoquekamp. Here, you can visit all the various attractions located here apart from the local ventures.

With a diverse yet lush landscape and a civilization that is lively, the attractions here will be as exciting as it is enchanting. Take a walk through the majestic landscapes of Iwokrama Forests and view the lush flora and fauna that thrives here. Don’t forget to take a walk down the majestic landscapes in the Kaieteur National Park, wherein a walk to the waterfalls here will be a truly rewarding experience. For one of a kind view, hike up Mount Roraima and visit the splendid surrounding and the perilous edge. For a family adventure out, do try the Guyana Zoo for an adventure like no other. If you want to experience the true history of the country, head to the Museum of African Heritage.

Like the entire country, the cuisines here compose of a creole fusion which reflects the Anglo Caribbean culture. It also highlights the strong influencers from its colonial history. A must try is the pepperpot stew which is served along with cassava bread and metemgie. You will find a lot of different types of curries here, each reflecting its regional influence. Do also try the fresh and homemade bread here, with is eaten with all the meals. In the coastal area, you will find a lot of the seafood cuisines. For the beverages, you can try the fresh fruits like the lime wash or the pine drink.

With the plethora of adventures found here, you will never be bored even for a single second. Hike or go trekking through the majestic forests and rocky landscapes here. You can even indulge in exciting and adrenaline driven rush sports near the waterfalls which include rappelling down the fall walls. River scuba diving is the slowly becoming a popular sport amongst river rafting and swimming.

Do plan your trip filled only with adventure and excitement. But at times, you will be faced with events and unexpected calamities that can affect your trip and even harm your safety. However, if you are well prepared for such events, you will be safe. To be prepared, take a safety net with you. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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