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Guinea-Bissau travel insurance

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Guinea-Bissau travel insurance

Like the perfect contrast to every feature, Guinea Bissau is the perfect destination that comprises of a blend of different cultures, beliefs and even natural surroundings. Civilization here is loud, yet pleasant; the cuisines spicy yet flavourful and even the colonial houses are battered but yet enunciate a charming beauty. Despite this, it has a troubled and dark past, but your visit here will definitely be a magical one.

Varela is the destination to begin your journey. Although the roads are rough, the white sandscapes make for a pleasant visit, especially since the charm of this city lies in its remoteness. Next, travel to Cacheu where it is best known for the Tarrafe natural park and the picturesque fort that played an important role in the history of the country. Travel ahead to Bissau, which is the capital city of the country and home to a rich cultural history that is perfect for exploring. Travel ahead to the city of Bafata which has a colonial centre that is transformed into a museum that will take you to the country’s past. Gabu is your next destination. The market place here is worth visiting, especially for its liveliness apart from its historical sites. Finally, travel to Bolama which is filled with plenty of ancient colonial architectural attractions that have stood since its inception. Apart from these destinations you must also include Bubaque, Bolama and Catio into your itinerary.

A must visit here are the various national parks. Amongst the many that are located here, the Orango Islands National Park and the Cantanhez Forest National Park is one that you must visit. These lush forested areas are thriving with beautiful flora and fauna. Apart from these choices the Lagoas Cufada Natural Park is a must visit, especially since it is home to hordes of chimpanzees. To experience the true beauty of the culture of the country, visit the exhibitions of the national museum of African Art locates here. For a family adventure, you can visit the river zoo farm which specializes in breeding the local species in well protected environment.

The cuisines here mostly comprise of rice and fish. You can even try the local dishes that comprise of beef, goat, chicken or even pork along with this rice. You can always try the soup or stews made from yam, sweet potato, cassava, onion and tomato. Some of the dishes that are a must try include egusi and fufu, On special occasion, yassa is normally consumed along with specially prepared chicken along with mustard, citrus and onion. For the beverages, palm or cashew wine is normally served for special occasions. Warga and green tea is also consumed on a daily basis.

The natural attractions and jungles here offer you a variety of opportunities to explore and experience the local flora and fauna. You can go on treks here or even go on a jungle safari. Go hippo spotting near the local waterholes and watch how they bask in the calm waters in great hordes. Apart from this, you can even watch the colorful carnivals the unfurl on the streets during special occasions.

No matter how well and practical you plan your trip, the factor of precaution and safety for yourself and your family is a priority. With the distinct possibility of mayhem and mishaps that might occur during the trip, a safety net is an ideal welcoming relief. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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