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Gibraltar travel insurance

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Gibraltar travel insurance

This tiny destination, which is a British Overseas Territory, comes with a list of attractions that make it well worth the visit. With an area of just 6 kilometres, one would think that there is not much to do in Gibraltar. That misconception will easily be done away with, though, once you head to the destination! Start your journey by visiting the famed Rock of Gibraltar. Make your way through St. Michael’s Cave! Take a day out to explore Europa Point and Gibraltar Botanic Gardens! Explore the ancient Moorish Castle that dominates the landscape.

Apart from these attractions, one can also explore the Catalan Bay, the Trafalgar Cemetery and the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. You should also make some time to visit the St. Andrew’s Church as well as the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park. Other hotspots that should definitely feature on your itinerary include the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and the Main Street of Gibraltar. Aside from attractions, though, you can also enjoy a number of experiences that make the trip worth making.

A hike up to the heights of the Rock of Gibraltar is an absolute must. You can enjoy awe-inspiring views of both Morocco and Spain from the summit! You can also go ahead and try to catch a glimpse of the fleet-footed Barbary Apes or visit the playful dolphins in Gibraltar Bay. Take some time out to explore the Great Siege Tunnels in Gibraltar as well. The main shopping street is also a sight to behold! Stacked to the brim with jewellery stores, souvenir shops, electronic stores and perfumeries, there is definitely something for everyone here!

The food of this region, matching the landscape, comes with influences from many regions, including Malta, Genoa, Portugal, Andalusia and Britain! Try your hand at some Rosto, the local pasta dish, or some Fideos al horno! You should also try out some of the bread of this region. Other dishes, like Calentita and Panissa are also must-haves when you sit down to eat. Once the meal is over, tempt your sweet tooth with a helping of Bollo de hornasso or some Pan Dulce. One of the most famous meat dishes to be had in Gibraltar, called the Rolitos, comes as a thin slice of beef surrounded by breadcrumbs, bacon, eggs and many other vegetables!

The need of diverse experience should be tempered with a few plans in place if things go wrong, though. With a range of travel insurance covers customised for your needs, Flexicover is here to help! Whether you need medical assistance, are faced with a loved one being injured, or have missed that important in flight, we have a range of covers to protect your valuable time and invested effort.

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