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Finland Travel Insurance

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Finland Travel Insurance

This captivating land full of forests and lakes has endless experiences to offer. Located in the north of the European continent, this country with its distinctive culture sets it apart from its neighbors and provides the best experience for an exciting and dream trip here!

Oulu is the place for an enjoyable beginning, especially when the brimming sunlight bathes the place with warmth. Next on the journey is the town of Kuopio and its summery lakeside, with foresting sprucing in between areas. Move onto the lands of Seinajoki known as a commercial hub and one of the most exciting tourist locations. Move onto the bubbly town of Jyvaskyla and its wonderful waterside spot. Next, visit the scenic town of Tampere situated between two lakes with its churning waters and lush green banks along with the red brick mills. Turku is your next stop for its rich historical architectural buildings and culture. Finally, your last stop should be the sea town of Helsinki where gliding ferries and boats are a view to die for.

The bewitching lands and scenery isn’t the only attraction here. The Mekaanisen Musiikin Muse is known for its unique and astonishing collection of unusual musical instruments ever to be created in the world. Visit the spectacular castle of Olavinlinna standing proudly on a lone rock in the lake. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic and notable cathedral of Tuomiokirkko with its divisive yet beautiful stained glass work. Nature enthusiasts can visit the iconic bear sanctuary of Kuusamon Suurpetokeskus and view the species in their natural habitat. Visit the peaceful wooded islet of the Muuratsalo for a calm and peaceful day out.

The cuisines here are heavily influenced by the neighboring countries where potatoes, bread and milk is considered to be important. Many meals include the staple of fish, being a coastal country, where most of the cuisines comprise of various variety of fish which is either pickled, marinated, smoked or grilled, with a variety of local spices. You must try the delightful Karelian stew, a common cuisine found in every household. No meal is completed without the signature Finnish pastry of the Karelian pie.

Finland is a delightful place to experience a lot of unusual and special adventure sports. Cross country skiing is a common past time here amongst the locals on some of the snow covered terrains. Short summer activities include swimming, fishing and canoeing in the warm waters of the lakesides. If you would like to experience unique sports that border the line of bizarre, you can always participate in the air guitar world championships, mobile phone throwing championships, wife carrying world championships or even the Sulkavan Suursoudut, Finlands biggest rowing event.

No matter what plans you make for your trip, safety for you and your family is a priority. With a high possibility of mishaps and trouble that could occur, a safety net is an ideal option. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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