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Ethiopia Travel Insurance

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Ethiopia Travel Insurance

Ethiopia is one of the oldest independent countries in Africa and a fascinating realm situated on the horn of Africa. Although it is nothing but a desert wasteland, this ancient land is known as the land of the thirteen months of sunshine, and the perfect destination to experience a historically rich past for inspiring memories!

Begin your journey with the Historic route covering the ancient town of Axum filled with ornately carves obelisks, Christian festivals and relics which also include the biblical Ark of the Covenant. Enjoy a trek in ruins of the castles and palaces of Gondar and Lalibela with its rock hewn churches. You can enjoy in the ageless holy Muslim centers from the prophet Muhammad Era with the Negash Amedin Mesgid and experience the beauty of the cave paintings in the walled Muslim city of Harar and Lega Oda near Dire Diwa.

Ethiopia is filled with an abundance of exotic beauties by mother nature. Visit the largest lake with 37 islands in Lake Tana, one of the sources of the blue Nile. The monasteries of Kibran Gebriel and Kidanemhiret are a beauty to behold. Take a walk down the Great Rift Valley lakes and you will walk into the home of a variety of bird and animal species. The Simien Mountains with its rugged peaks and the Bale Mountains in the southeast are home to a unique wildlife and colorful flora.

Ethiopia is as famous for its food as much as for its rich history. Injera, a traditional unleavened bread is prepared today as it was decades ago. Experience the Alechi and Wat, the traditional stews of the days of fasting filled with pulses and lentils. If you have an iron clad stomach, you must try the Ber-beri or Awaze, specially prepared with red pepper and containing as many as fifteen spices, making it one of the spiciest dishes in the land. If you reduce the spices you will find it as interesting at the other meals available here Coffee in demitasse cups is served right after dinner. Dabo Kolo, a tiny fried snack-like cookies is also popular.

Those with a taste for adventure can take a wild ride on the fast-flowing rivers which are famous for white-water rafting. Get adrenaline rushes with trekking on the slopes of Tigray.

No matter what you do, it is important to ensure that your safety is always within your fingertips. With unforeseeable mishaps a distinct possibility, a safety net is always welcome. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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