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Estonia travel insurance

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Estonia travel insurance

With magnificent landscapes, fabulous beaches and breath-taking architecture, Estonia is a Baltic gem that you must add to your collection of experiences! Well known for its beauteous capital, Tallinn, the region is peppered with many hidden attractions that will make you want to keep coming back for more. With cultural landmarks, beautiful buildings and a host of activities, a vacation here will definitely appease even the most stalwart of vacationers! From deserted beaches to architectural marvels, an Estonian tour can become perfect for that much needed vacation.

Start with Tallinn, an excellent base camp from which to commence your adventures! Walk around the magnificent Old Town, resplendent with charming cobblestone streets, quaint houses and friendly people. You can stop for a meal at any one of the many cafes or shop to your heart’s content in the open air Hanseatic fair. Along with a dip into history, visitors can also soak in the visage of the city’s skyline, which is dominated by skyscrapers and tech centres, courtesy of the busy business centre of the capital. This contrast helps add to the magic of this city, and of the region in general. A few other destinations worth looking up include Otepaa, Parnu and the Saaremaa islands!

Along with the hustle-bustle of modern life, Estonia also offers many in the way of traditional landmarks that make the visit truly memorable. Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn or the Tallinn Town Hall. Make your way through the Estonian Maritime Museum or St. Nicholas’ Church. Other attractions like Kiek in de Kok, Raekoja plats, St. Mary’s Cathedral and Kadriorg Palace are also worthy additions to your itinerary. Estonia is also home to some other exotic retreats that can redefine your holiday experience. Take some time out to visit Otepaa and hike through Otepaa Nature Park, trek up the Harimagi hills or visit Stone Fort.

For the most part, traditional Estonian delicacies can be a bit daunting to the inexperienced traveller. If, however, one is up for the challenge, you can find many a dish that can push the limit on what you expect for your midday meal. Start off with some Marinated eel, which will be served cold. Try your hand at some Keel Hernestega. Dare yourself you go ahead and order a helping of Sult. Other dishes like Verivorst, Mulgikapsad and Silgusoust can also be tried. It is advisable, though, to properly ask what goes into each dish. If you don’t feel the need to be adventurous with your food, then many restaurants and cafes will be able to cook up something that will suit your appetite.

Along with a unique cuisine, Estonia also offers travellers a variety of other experiences to sample in. You can start with a walk up Toompea Hill, which gives an amazing view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. You should also take some time to watch a soccer match at one of the local Irish Themed Pubs. The adventurous among us can even opt for a day or two spent in cross country skiing or diving! Whatever be the choice, be sure that Estonia has an option waiting for you.

Whatever the experience, though, it is essential to factor in any possible risk on your holiday. With a range of single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance and long stay travel insurance schemes in place, Flexicover is perfectly placed to support all kinds of travellers and their travel safety needs.

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