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Ecuador Travel Insurance

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Ecuador Travel Insurance

Ecuador is a relatively small country but the height of the Andes mountain range , wilderness of its Amazonian jungles and magic of its Ecuadorian culture, summons you to get lost in this country. Art, adventure and culture are seeped deep into this country’s lifestyle. So, you must a take a dive into those exotic experiences to realise what these un-familiar local moments mean. What do the UNESCO world heritage sites Quito and Cuenca share? What is hidden within pre-Columbian artworks? How is ancestral medicine passed on in wild Amazon jungles? How to climb a 500 meter high volcano summit? So, many questions have just one answer. Visit Ecuador and discover it yourself.

Most travellers start their trip from Quito. Discover the treasures of this heritage site and move onto either Otavalo or Puerto Francisco de Orellana in Ecuador. Puerto Francisco de Orellana; also known as Coca, is a city on the confluence of rivers in Amazonian jungles and Otavalo’s rich cultural heritage glimmers in its simplicity and beauty. You can also consider a visit to Cuenca; the third largest city and a UNESCO world heritage site. Trekkers head out to Riobamba. It is a base town for a trek to Mount Chimborazo, which is the highest summit in Ecuador. History buffs visit a colonial town of Loja, bird watchers visit Mindo and adventurers visit Banos. So, when you visit Ecuador, there is no limit to what you can indulge in and enjoy. However, the best finale to most Ecuador holidays is the Galapagos Islands.

Whether you are visiting an Amazonian rainforest, coastal lowlands or Andean highlands, the enchanting beauty of Ecuador is sensational and spectacular. Architectural elegance in Quito and the wetlands in Paarque Nacional Yasuni have a riveting presence of their own. The Inca ruins have such wonderful saga while hydrothermal springs in Banos have a magnetic appeal.

Every wave and magic of Ecuadorian travel is captured on camera for its sheer magnificence and distinctiveness. Though, Ecuadorian cuisine is not quite popular on world cuisine scene, it is a sensation in its own right. From Ecuadorian chocolate to hornado, everything reflects the local passion and magic of unadulterated produce. So, do dig into some amazing local delicacies like Canelazo, Cuy, Librillo, Melcocha, Guatita, and Pan de Yuca and discover it yourself.

There are places where outdoor pursuits are optional. But, Ecuador is a country where outdoor pursuits are a way of life. Enjoy scubadiving at the best dive sites of Galapagos Islands and swim around the islands. Unique fearless wild animals near the barren and volcanic land of Galapagos Islands are worth every penny as this island trip can be a really expensive one. Kayaking, snorkelling and rafting are equally exciting choices. Climb up to the volcanoes or go hiking on the rim of crater lake of Cuicocha. White water rafting on Jatunyacu River and riding on horseback through foothills of Cotopaxi are one-of-a-kind adventures in the world.

Believe it or not, this carefree spree through unstrained alleys of Ecuador needs to be closely safeguarded for your safety and wellbeing. There is none better in insuring your safety than Flexicover travel insurance. So, protect your health and Ecuador tour and you can feel free to head into every challenge you can imagine.

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