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Djibouti travel insurance

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Djibouti travel insurance

Although this country may seem like a small speck of land, it makes up for a big surprise with its bounty of beauty and various geological attractions. Right from its salt lakes, extinct volcanoes and its sunken plains, to its limestone chimneys with its occasional puffs of steam, this country has plenty to show you. So travel aboard to this destination for an adventure trip like no other.

Khor Angar is the place to begin your journey. This port city has plenty to offer you right from its coastal surprises to its various ancient structures here. Travel ahead towards the small port town of Obock which has plenty of remnants from its previous French colonization era and several coaling stations here. Next, travel ahead towards Tadjoura that presents a picturesque with its plenty of whitewashed building that complement the near beaches. Yoboki is your next destination. While there is not much to explore here, you can still visit the old French military posts which were built in 1946. The capital city of Djibouti is your next destination. This city has come a long way from its battered past to a city that is thriving and evolving at every minute. The other places that you must add to your itinerary should include Loyada, Ali Sabieh, Dikhil and As Ela.

While there aren’t many attractions here, the few attractions that exists here make up for it with its beauty and marvel. Lake Assal is one such attraction that will captivate you. Literally known as the honey lake, this saline crater lake is considered to be a national treasure. The Lake Abbe is another geological beauty that is connected to six other lakes here. This ultimate destination provides a splendid visit, especially since it located near other attractions like the dormant volcano of Mount Dama Ali and two wadis. Moucha Island is another place to visit, especially for its beautiful coral reefs and isolated islets that make for quick secluded trip. Travel across the endless sand flats of Grand Bara and you might come across scattered scrub vegetation. The Grand Bara run also takes place. For those who want to take a relief against the hot desert atmosphere can visit the Day Forest National Park and home to several local and exotic plant species.

The Djiboutian cuisines comprise of a delectable mix of Somali, Afar, Ethiopian, Yemeni and French influences and cuisines apart from various different Asian influences. Sink your teeth in the delicious lahoh along with wat and served with the local shaah. Stew is normally served with different flavours especially with rice. Alternatively, you can try the baasto which is normally served with grilled meats. For the gastronome adventurers, camel meat and rice can make a delectable and daring choice. Sambusa is a local snack is favored by the locals as well as the visitors. Apart from this, there are various other seafood cuisines and fresh fruits that are eaten depending on individual taste.

The landscape and the coastal areas here provide you with plenty of entertainment activities that will make your trip here an eventful one. You can tour the local attractions on foot or even on camel back. The coastal area makes an excellent opportunity to go swimming, deep sea diving or even scuba diving. You can even go dolphin watching in certain areas. For that perfect adventure, you can do kayaking on the pristine waters located here.

A trip to this destination will bring you plenty of surprises and memories that will last a lifetime. However, no matter how well you plan your trip; there are certain factors that need to be kept in priority. Safety should be a concern when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. With the distinct possibility of mishaps and calamities that might occur, a safety net is a welcoming delight. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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