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Cameroon is a beautiful place to visit, especially when it greets its visitors with a vast ethnic and linguistic puzzle that is contrasting to its African neighbours. With its majestic landscapes and captivating culture, a stay here will leave you in awe. Travel through the lush rainforests or across the endless pristine white sands along the coastal areas. This is one country that will surprise you with every turn and leave you wanting for more.

Start your journey at N’ Djamena and visit the several structural attractions here. Next, travel to Maroua, which is best known for its Mandara Mountains. Travel along its rust coloured sandy streets towards the next port town of Garoua. Do visit the Benoue National park here on your way to your next destination of Ngaoundere. Named after the nearby mountainous plateau, this city is a popular hub to most of the cities in the country. Next, travel ahead to Bafoussam. Although there is not much to see here, its traditional palaces and warm friendly locals make up for the lack of attractions. Nkongsamba is your next destination. Do stop at here at the local villages, especially at the market that is set up every Thursday wherein the region transforms into a lively and colourful ambiance. Next, travel ahead to the capital city of Yaounde. While it may lack in tourist attractions is has several family friendly ventures that make for the perfect entertainment outing. Your next destination is Kribi, best known for its fine sand, crystal waters and fresh fish. Fun and frolic on the beach here is a definite must, before you travel to your next destination. Finally travel to Ebolowa, known to be an agricultural town and a notable agricultural center. The various cocoa plantations grown here are worth exploring.

While there might not be many attractions here, Cameroon has many national beauties that make for a perfect visit. Although the famous Mount Cameroon is an active volcano, it is worth exploring for its natural beauty. A hike on this peak will reward you with a majestic view of the heighted surroundings and local flora that grows here. With its lush flora and fauna thriving here, the national parks and reserves are a must visit. The Waza National Park which was once a hunting reserve now stands as preservation and conversation to this local flora and fauna. Another National Park that is a must visit is the Korup National Park, which is one of the many oldest and richest rainforests in the country. Apart from its thriving biodiversity, it is also known to be a popular birdwatching destination. Nature lovers, who are looking for the best of the exotic species, must travel to the Dja Faunal Reserve. Patrons of the African art must visit the Doual’art, which is a nonprofit organization that revolutionized the art scene in Cameroon. It focuses on the contemporary and the urban art, which contributes to the urban identity.

Unlike the other cuisines that are found in the country, Cameroonian offers large varieties, which are often delightful to those who have a diverse taste. The brochettes are one of the local favourites along with the sangha. Do try the ndole which is best eaten along with the local staples. Apart from these, there is also a large variety of curries, soups and fish dishes that are found. If you are looking for a gastronome adventure, head to the village areas where local insects are consumed, wherein each meal is prepared in different styles of cooking. You can wash down your meal with the locally brewed beer to complete your meal.

With its large and diverse landscapes, Cameroon has a lot to offer to its visitors depending on their choice of adventure. You can tour the local natural reserves or park and get a glimpse of the local flora and fauna in its natural habitat. You can even visit the various museums here for a walk through the history of the country. Head to the beaches for your share of water sports like swimming, diving and jet skiing or you can just relax and unwind on the endless sandscapes as you work on your tan.

Cameroon is an ideal place to plan a healthy mix of adventure and exploration. Although you can plan your trip as per your desire and convenience, there are times unexpected mishaps occur. At such times, you will put your trip and your safety at risk. The best way to stay protected in such a situation is a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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