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Bahamas Travel Insurance

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Bahamas Travel Insurance

This large cluster of archipelago islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean is an exciting and wonderful place to visit. Each unique island provides a great opportunity for adventure and the potential to explore for exciting quests especially for travellers like you!

Take a leap into the waters surrounding the location of the Grand Bahamas, for its exciting ecological playground that is incorporated in nature tours, parks and botanical gardens. The island of Abacos is your next stop on your journey, where you can socialize with the stingrays where you have the opportunity to serve their meals personally. Berry Island is next on the itinerary, for a private getaway on special cruise lines. Next on your trip is the capital island of Nassau, with its exciting water adventures which may include touring with sharks. Visit one of the many cays of the Exuma, with a private boat or cruise. The other islands that are a must visit are the Long Island, Crooked Island, Ragged Islands, and the islands of Mayaguana and Inagua.

These watery borne islands are filled with exotic attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. Visit the museum of the Pirates of Nassau and get a glimpse of the notorious life of a seafaring pirate. The Garden of the Groves is a must visit for its lush tropical refuge converted into a vast botanical garden housing groves of tropical trees, a placid lagoon and a 19th century chapel. A visit to the perfume factory is a delightful olfaction treat, where you might be lucky enough to concoct your own perfume. No trip will be complete without a trip to Waterscape, the world’s largest open air aquarium, a definite delight for families.

As expected from these water bound archipelago islands, seafood is a prominent here. The Conch is the national dish in these islands, and is either deep fried or served raw with a tantalizing zing of lemon with side dishes of peas and rice. Tropical fruits, potatoes and a wide variety of meat are widely incorporated into meals here. Rum based drinks are a common sight here with a variety of other cocktail infused drinks.

The adventure sports are mostly water based, where you can fish, scuba dive and snorkel. Various nature walks are held on certain island, which is a delightful treat for nature lovers. You can always rent a private boat and tour the various islands in your own convenience. If you want an exciting and challenging adventure, you can always snorkel with underwater fish and mammals, or even feed stingrays.

No matter what you plan for the trip, you must ensure you and your family have sufficient protection should a mishap occur. Flexicover offers a range of travel insurance products including single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance and gap year travel insurance, to ensure that you are well equipped for your travels.

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