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Azerbaijan travel insurance

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Azerbaijan travel insurance

Azerbaijan, may not seem like any other ordinary country. Although it does not belong to either Asia or Europe, its enthralling blend of contrasts and contradictions provide for a different travel experience. With a desert like region surrounded by the rich Caspian Sea, this country makes for a perfect travel destination like no other!

Khachmaz is your first destination. Apart from its captivating beaches and lush forests, it is home to some of the ancient and historical monuments here. Next, travel to Quba, famed for its provincial backwaters and the remnants of the Jewish settlement. Journey onto Sheki, which is located amongst the lush forested mountains with plenty rustic towns scattered here. Mingechivir is next on the itinerary, which will fill your journey with several cultural and social attractions. Next, travel to Shamakhi, where history buffs can have their fill from the rich heritage here. The capital city of Baku is next on the list. This rising cosmopolitan metropolis is home to various attractions, urban civilisation within the old city ambiance. Travel to Hajigabul for its old world charm before traveling through the forested area of Jelilabad. Finally, travel to Lankaran where its multicultural history will provide you with a large variety of events, cuisines and sporting events.

Although Azerbaijan maybe a country full of contrasting cultures and civilizations, its attractions will definitely leave you with awe and amazement. Visit the palace of Shirvashahs, which is not only known for its majestic architecture, but also its monument and palace mosque. You must also visit the Maiden Tower, built in the 12st century, and is home to evolution of the Baku city. To experience the natural attractions of this country, visit Lake Göygöl famed for its pure blue waters. You can easily visit the Gobustan National park, known for its hill and ravine terrain. It also has several archeological sites along with its famed mud volcanoes.

The Azerbaijani cuisine reflects its blend of the multiculture that exists within the region. Although it has several influences, it still remains distinctive and unique. For light snacks, the goy and chorek make delectable dishes. For the main course, try the baliq and dolma which are the traditional cuisines here. You can also try the dushbara and qutab. The plov is a common cuisine in the country where its taste and flavour ranges with its geographical location. To satisfy your sweet tooth, the pistachio halva makes a delightful choice, but the pakhlava will leave you wanting for more. Black tea is a common beverage here, but you can always try the Azerbaigani sherbet as a cooling alternative.

With its varying terrains you have plenty of adventure activities that should suit a diverse taste. Rock climbing is a popular pastime within the local valleys here. You can even trek or take a walk through the various national parks and lush forests here.

You may plan your vacation trip for fun and adventure. But many a time, certain mishaps and calamities might unexpectedly occur. Although these events might not disrupt your trip, they might affect your safety. The best way to protect yourself in such circumstances, is to a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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