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Why declare existing medical conditions?

Over half a million British holidaymakers travelled abroad last year with an existing medical condition that their insurer was unaware of.

Andrew Delahunty from The Daily Telegraph says "British tourists are jeopardising their travel insurance by not declaring their existing conditions."

Sainsbury's recently revealed that almost 250,000 British tourists did not inform their insurer of severe back pain and 110,000 people left their insurer in the dark about their respiratory condition.

A good number did not inform their insurer of their condition because they did not consider it a long-term condition. Embarrassment was listed as one of the reasons why some failed to make any notification, as was the fear of being refused cover.

Greg Lawson, Commercial Director at Flexicover explains: "Most Insurers ask travellers to declare any medical conditions and not declaring them can cause a claim to be rejected. However, the vast majority of conditions declared are not serious and many are covered free of charge. At Flexicover, we operate a quick, confidential and simple declaration process, available either online or via our call centres seven days a week."

Besides including over 300 medical conditions at no extra cost, Flexicover Direct, provide the right travel insurance cover for you and your party. We are committed to the highest level of service to ensure that when you are away, you are safe and secure at all times.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!