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Who is eligible for the EHIC?

European Health Insurance CardAny individual who is a UK national citizen and normally resident in the UK is eligible for an EHIC. There are some restrictions depending on your nationality. Not all UK residents will be covered in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Denmark. For further information, please visit or visit the Department of Health website.

UK citizens employed by a UK company or self-employed in the UK, are entitled to a UK-issued EHIC to work in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. This will include any dependents for up to 12 months. Please contact HM Revenue and customs if you require more information.

The EHIC will not cover you if you are moving abroad permanently or to work for a foreign employer.

To apply for the EHIC, you must be over 16 years of age. Residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not eligible.

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