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Two holidays, one trip!

We know you like some ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to travel. Money buys experiences and the further you're able to stretch your cash, hopefully the more enriching life will be. Of course, value for money extends beyond just insurance – these days it's getting easier to search out deals on hotels, pick the right restaurants and, indeed, select a destination.

But why limit yourself to just one?

Plenty of travel hotspots are so close to each other that it's actually possible to soak up the best of one famed area before a short journey takes you to a brand new place to explore. Lots of value plus efficient use of annual leave!

So here are Flexicover'stop suggestions of where you can get double the adventure and multiples of fun.

Copenhagen and Malmö

Compared to the UK, Scandinavia seems to have their transport system sussed out. In the 35 or so minutes it takes to get from London to London Luton Airport, you could ride the length of the double-decker Øresund Bridge from the Danish capital to Sweden's third largest city. Unsurprisingly there are many similarities, including an abundance of cyclists. Malmö is the quieter partner, with small boutiques and artisan cafes lining its narrow streets and renowned for Ribersborg Beach and its independent theatre scene. Copenhagen is a diverse city where highlights include the Carlsberg factory, the Tivoli Gardens fairground and the curious semi-autonomous commune known as Freetown Christiania.

Vienna and Bratislava

There is so much to do in Austria's capital that if you also want to take in neighbouring Slovakia's capital too, we suggest this combo for an extended weekend or even a week. Vienna is oft-considered the spiritual home of opera – with Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert and Mozart spending time there. Visitors are practically obliged to see at least one in between enjoying its café culture, viennoiserie and museums. The train to Bratislava only takes an hour and, while the opera there isn't as famous, it's just as high in standard (and cheaper). It's a city redolent with culture stemming from its mixed Hapsburg, Hungarian and Slovak heritage so history buffs might want to split their time accordingly.

Tallinn and Helsinki

The Estonian capital is probably one of Europe's most charming cities. With its Old Town's hilly streets and higgledy-piggledy houses, untouched by Western homogenisation, it looks like a toy town than a digital economic powerhouse. The Open Air Museum and Seaplane Harbour are also major tourist draws. It's an ideal place for a weekend away and with a little stretch, Helsinki is only a short ferry-ride away. The Finnish capital is well-known for its cool, arty nature – evident in the slick design of everything from its cocktail bars to its orange metro trains. A bastion for modern architecture, art and music, it offers the chance for a fabulously contrasting combo trip.

Boston and New York City

The enormity of America can sometimes be deceptive. In this case, we might fly over to take in New York City or Boston but it may never have occurred to see both in one fell swoop. We recommend at least a couple of nights in each city; not only due to the four hour train journey but also because both are vast places with so much on offer. Boston has its Irish heritage, the New England vibe and a laid-back, successful feel (possibly because both Harvard and MIT are found here) alongside its key historical role. New York City needs little explanation as to its tourist draw but remember, Manhattan isn't its only component and venturing out a bit can reap rewards.

Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh

Travelling isn't always about the destination. Sometimes the journey itself is just as important in the whole experience. For backpackers, the seven hour adventure travelling between the former city of Saigon in Vietnam and the Cambodian capital is infamous. The route has a distinctly unsavoury past as transport was hard to come by and corruption rife. Thankfully it's less problematic these days and any hold-ups will seem unimportant as you drink in the amazing sights, sounds and atmosphere on offer, such as crossing the mighty Mekong River, the lifeblood of South-east Asia. Immerse yourself in the culture and beauty that abounds to really enjoy these two truly stunning countries.

Whatever your travel plans for the year ahead and whether you're off for a few days or an extended break, we at Flexicover Insurance are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day.