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Travelling to Mexico? Here’s what you should know

Mexico travel

Published: 04 February 2015

A Mexican holiday can be a lot of fun! Whether you love getting out and exploring or sitting on a beach relaxing, there is so much to do for everyone! Visit the many museums of Mexico City, explore the Aztec ruins, indulge in delicious food and relax on the beach with a cocktail.

But before you travel, have a look at these Flexicover tips:

Brush up on your Spanish:

The most common language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. So before you go, learn to say the basics at the very least; Hello (Hola!), thank you (Gracias) and I’m sorry (Lo Siento). Familiarise yourself with common phrases that will help you as a traveller; you’ll be thankful for it if you get lost or want to interact with the locals!

Drink with one eye open:

Mexico may be famous for its tequila and margaritas but our advice is to drink responsibly and well within your limits. Only buy alcohol from reputed establishments and never leave your drinks unattended.

Know where not to go:

Mexico tours are usually packed with lots of fun things to do, great sights to see and wonderful places to visit. Whilst it may be important to see as many things as possible, do read up on places that are safe and unsafe to travel to. Stay within the tourist routes where possible and travel with a companion or in a group where possible. Drug violence and crime does exist in Mexico so be sure to stay away from dangerous areas. You can always check with your hotel if you are unsure.

Don’t drink the water:

Drinking purified or bottled water whilst holidaying in Mexico is key! Always ask if the ice is made from filtered water too and if it isn’t, then go without. Often, unclean water can leave us feeling very unwell and cause severe stomach problems and viruses. Our advice is also to eat well-cooked food rather than cold salads that may have been washed in local, un-purified water.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you make the best of your holiday and ensure you have a great time. If you are lucky enough to be having a Mexican holiday this year, we hope it’s a memorable one!

And remember to take your Flexicover travel insurance with you!

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