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Travel checklist from Flexicover

Travel Checklist

Planning a relaxing break abroad, catching some summer sun or thinking of travelling around the world?

The Flexicover travel checklist will help you plan for your next holiday and help you stay safe whilst you are there.

It is important for your safety to check with your doctor before you travel to find out if you need any vaccinations or medications.

Travel and health

Don’t travel without travel insurance.

Before you purchase your insurance policy check what you will be covered for including any activities you might want to undertake whilst on holiday.

Not buying travel insurance could cost you a lot more if you are unfortunate to get into difficulties.

Emergencies abroad can be very expensive. If you need to be returned to the UK it could cost you thousands of pounds, unless you are adequately insured. Some examples of recent claims values are as under;

  • £800: Spanish ward, 1 night private hospital
  • £1,500: Spanish ICU, 1 night private hospital
  • £6,000 - £8,000: Non jet transfer from southern Spain to UK
  • £10,000: Angiogram, USA
  • £12,000: Angioplasty, USA
  • £35,000: Jet from eastern Europe to UK
  • £23,000: Jet air ambulance from Canaries or Cyprus to UK
  • £31,000: Jet air ambulance from Egypt to UK
  • £53,000: Jet air ambulance from West Coast USA or Indian Ocean to UK
  • £7,000: USA Intensive Care Unit, 1 night (Depending on severity of condition and facility)
    • Remember if you are uninsured, although the British Embassy or High Commission may offer some advisory assistance in the event of a claim abroad, they will not pay for any medical or repatriation costs.

      Figures supplied by a leading insurer.

      Travelling within the European Economic Area?

      When visiting European Economic Area (EEA) countries, use of an European Health Insurance Card may entitle you to reduced or free medical care. As a valued Flexicover policyholder, you will have no excess to pay when the EHIC is used.

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