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Travel to Europe in autumn

Autumn travel Europe

Published: 15 November 2014

Europe has a charm like no other and it’s a great region to travel in. Attracting thousands and thousands of visitors each year, it is steeped in history and culture with so much to do and see and so many wonderful adventures and experiences to be had.

We give 4 reasons why travelling to Europe in autumn is ideal.

Fewer crowds

The mass of summer tourists is over and you will find fewer people and calmer cities with less rush in autumn. Smaller crowds mean fewer queues at popular attractions and more time for exploring and enjoying.

Pleasant Weather

Whilst in spring and summer you may have warmer weather, autumn, when the weather is cooler, fresh and crisp is still a lovely time in Europe. Countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece have some regions where the summers are extremely hot and often uncomfortable. So if you don’t want to compete for a spot on the beach but prefer cooler temperatures where you can stroll around leisurely and explore in comfort, autumn is the perfect time for you!

Various Discounts

Autumn is the perfect time for deals and discounts. If you want a bargain on your flights or accommodation, this might just be the season for you. With fewer people traveling, you will have better choices too and more opportunity to shop around for that perfect trip.

Mingle with the locals

During the summer, many locals will travel themselves; either to their summer homes on the coast or abroad with their families. During autumn however, you will have more opportunity to mingle with the locals and experience more of their daily lives and the culture in the place you are visiting.

So book a great autumn trip, plan your itinerary and pack your bags! Wherever you are lucky enough to visit, you are sure to have a wonderful time. Remember your Flexicover travel insurance too!

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