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Sports and activity travel insurance for peace of mind on your holiday

Adventure is what makes any holiday even more special. Taking that one daring step, trying out something new, moving out of your comfort zone – all of this is what taking a holiday in a foreign country is all about. However, if we’re planning to be a part of a holiday that involves any kind of sports or activity, then it is likely that your travel policy will become an immediate necessity. While activities such as skiing, bungee jumping or kayaking can be a lot of fun, you can enjoy them to the full extent without any worries when you have sports and activities included in your travel insurance. Most policies can be extended to cover a range of winter sports, essential when you are looking to ski or participate in various snow activities. This extension will often require a small increase in premium but is very good value for money with the extended cover that it provides when you ski or need cover for ski hire and piste closure.

Travel insurance is something that all of us need to buy when we’re planning to take a trip. No matter what the kind of trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the benefits of a travel insurance policy are many. However when we have sports and activities included in travel insurance then we can ensure that even the injuries sustained when playing say football in your hotel or going scuba diving among the coral reefs will be taken care of under the sports and activity section of the travel insurance policy.

Some insurance providers don’t separate normal travel insurance from sports and activity travel insurance. You can get the coverage for sports without having to buy a different policy. Some insurance companies even offer winter sports travel insurance as an extension of the policy and can tailor-make the coverage exactly according to your requirements. Speak to your insurance provider about their way of categorising and always remember to clear any doubts that you may have. Sports and activity travel insurance policies cover a large number of activities that you can be a part of that may arise in a claim. Football, basketball, jet skiing, go karting, swimming, bungee jumping, parachuting, windsurfing and snorkelling are just a small number of sporting activities that can be included. With winter sports extension the list increases.

When buying sports activity travel insurance always read the policy wording carefully. You should always be aware of what is included and what you cannot claim for. Placing a claim for something that ends up being an exclusion is a waste of time, or you might avoid asking your insurance provider for a refund of your premiums just because you think your sport wasn’t included. The most important aspect of sports and activity travel insurance is that you have financial backing for all the activities you’re a part of on your holiday.

Sports and activity travel insurance is a must if you’re an enthusiast of adventures and games. Buy a policy and make sure you travel safe all the time.

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