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Travel gadgets for under £50

Like it or loathe it packing is a necessary part of the holiday experience.

Just a few decades ago however the main items on your checklist would have been clothes, toiletries and a good book.

Today however, thanks to technological advances we are surrounded by, and in some cases rely on, gadgets.

The world of travel has not escaped this evolution as the increasing need for portable essentials has posed a real challenge to designers and inventors in terms of developing items that are compact and lightweight.

With new products being released onto the market all the time, and conscious we all like bang for our buck, the Flexicover team has rounded up some of the best budget buys for under £50 - see if any of these time, space or effort-savers might help you on your next trip away.

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker - £35

When you're in a hotel for a week, headphones just don't cut it, which is why Bluetooth speakers have caught on like wildfire. But which is the best budget speaker? The Anker SoundCore offers an impressive 24-hour battery life, while most in this price range last around 10 hours, and this little beaut will keep you in music for 500 songs without needing a recharge. Plus there's no compromise on sound quality, with enough bass to keep sound performance strong.

AirBolt Lock - £36

An emerging trend in travel gadgetry is app-controlled luggage. One of the first to put our phones to this use are AirBolt, which locks the case, but provides belongings with more security than that. The locks are wirelessly controlled, so no forgetting the code and having to ask the hotel to break into it for you. There's also location tracking to help when the suitcase doesn't make it to the luggage belt (which happens to 24.1 million bags annually by the way), and security alerts if your luggage starts to move away without you. As an early bird offer, this Australian invention costs £36 including shipping, to be delivered in August when the very first batch is produced.

AirClipz Tablet holder - £14

Just a few years ago, in-flight entertainment meant watching a screen a few rows in front of you, while listening through terrible headphones. So it was a real breakthrough when airlines began installing personal screens where you could pick what you wanted to watch. Now, even that's so yesterday, with the advent of tablets allowing you to catch up on the exact episodes of whatever drama series you've saved for the flight. As such, the latest useful travel gadget is tablet-holding clips that attach to the back of the seat in front of you. Replacing the view of the seat's screen, these hold tablets at eye level - so no more cricky necks - and leave you hands-free too.

Zendure 2nd Gen A5 Portable Charger - £47

For weekends away, when your checklist of device-charging items is longer than the rest of your packing list, portable chargers are a good alternative. The bulkier ones have more charging capacity but aren't the lightest, while the lightest chargers might only charge your phone most of the way through before running out of juice itself. A good catch-all is the Zendure A5, revered for housing maximum capacity in a very easy-to-carry charger. Better still, the design is slick and durable, and its 2.1A speed means it charges devices quickly.

LuminAID solar powered lantern - £17

As anyone who's tried it can confirm, when heading to a campsite abroad, it's no fun having to spend hours driving to your destination in a car so jammed packed with stuff that the result is there's little room to manoeuvre. In a situation where space-savers are vital, we doubly appreciate LuminAID's solar powered lights. Weighing the same as a double-sized Mars bar and about the same volume, it inflates to become a rather large lantern. After soaking up sunlight, a full solar charge turns it into a light source lasting 32 hours - perfect for camping off the beaten track where electricity is wishful thinking. And if you're in a party mood while you're away the lantern rotates between seven different colours, thus becoming your personal disco lighting system. That'll turn you into a happy camper!

So wherever your heading to on your next trip, and whatever gadgets you decide to take, Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure 24 hours a day while away.