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Travel Bucket List Top Pick- The Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Published: 19 March 2015

If a sighting of the magical Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, as they are called isn’t on your travel bucket list, then it definitely should be. These breathtaking coloured displays of light are caused by atmospheric gases reacting to electronically charged solar particles, and are a spectacle to behold at least once in your lifetime. According to NASA, the peak of the Solar Cycle was in 2014, meaning Northern Lights holidays in 2015 are bound to be a smashing success.

But before you plan a trip to see the Northern Lights, here are some great tips that will let you catch the Aurora Borealis in all its splendour:

Head to the north:
The Finland Northern Lights sightings are some of the best in the world. In fact, in northern Lapland, you can catch the Aurorae almost 200 nights a year, or every other night between September and March.

Let the stars be your guide:
A clear night sky dotted with innumerable stars is a good sign. It means that the chances of sighting the Northern Lights are exceptionally high.

Get outdoors:
Get outside and stay outside! This tip may seem a little too obvious, but the Northern Lights can appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly at any point of time after sunset and before dawn. It’d be a shame to waste the opportunity to witness this magical sight because you tired of waiting a minute too soon.

Keep warm: Chilly winter nights tend to be the best times to view the Aurora Borealis. And the sub-zero temperatures in places where you can actually see the Northern Lights can be really hard to bear. A clear night is often also an extremely cold night, so pack all your warmest clothes and ensure you stay as warm as possible as you wait for this majestic sight.

A great alternative that you can find in some places are unique purpose-built igloos that let you stay indoors and watch the lights from the toasty comfort of your bed.

Make darkness your ally: It’s difficult to see the northern lights in areas that are brightly lit. Get away from the towns and ski resorts and head into remote areas. Hilltops and areas around lakes make some of the best Northern Lights sighting points.

Invite the family: The places that offer excellent sightings of the Northern Lights are often some of the best locations for winter sports, especially skiing. There are, in fact, quite a few ski holiday packages that feature the Northern Lights as an attraction. Nothing like fun family ski holidays that let you share the special experience of viewing the Aurora Borealis with your loved ones.

If you are lucky enough to visit, have the best time! And remember to take your Flexicover Travel Insurance with you!

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