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Top tips for a safe skiing holiday

Despite the current economic climate, hitting the slopes is still a desirable holiday option for those of us who have been bitten by the winter sports bug.

But it's not just a case of dust off the skis and jump on a plane. As with all holidays, planning ahead can make your trip much safer and enjoyable.

Here are a few Top Tips.

Get in shape - Getting into shape before you go can prevent unnecessary aches at the end of your first day.

Stretch - Start with a warm shower to loosen your joints and muscles, then gently stretch the muscles you'll be using most when skiing and don't forget to warm down when you've finished.

Check your equipment - If your equipment has not been used for some time give it a good 'once over'. In particular, test your bindings as your safety could rest on the ability of them to release at the right time.

Dress properly - This is more of a comfort recommendation than a safety issue, but handy nonetheless. If your feet are cold, put on a hat. Your body loses a large proportion of its heat through the head and neck.

Stop when you're tired - A lot of injuries happen at the end of the day when people are getting tired and want to take just one more run before they go home. It's far better to call it a day than take a detour on the way home via the hospital.

Ski responsibly and be aware - When stopping on the slope, look before you pull off to the side and make sure the spot you pick to stop and rest is visible to skiers above.

Finally - Whilst the above tips can aid your safety on the slopes they cannot stop the unexpected happening. Ensure you have adequate travel insurance which includes winter sports cover.

As a Flexicover winter sports policyholder, your policy can provide specific benefits, including loss or damage to your ski equipment and ski pass, the hiring of replacement equipment if yours is misplaced by your carrier and a daily compensation payout if you are unable to ski as a result of extreme weather condition or piste closure due to lack of snow.

In addition, you will be automatically covered for a variety of winter sports activities , including skiing and snowboarding on/off piste (within resort boundaries), tobogganing, ice skating, alpine, glacier and cross country skiing.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!