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Top 5 European Snow Breaks

A snow-covered landscape, frozen rivers, fireside toddies, ice-skating and jingling bells — isn’t that what a winter break should be all about?

This winter, why not leave Britain’s predictable sludge behind and have a fun-filled or even a romantic trip in Europe.

Taken from The Times' 'Cities for snow in Europe', the Flexicover team have selected our top five winter breaks for you to consider...

PRAGUE, Czech Republic

With the scent of history and the romance of narrow, cobbled streets, Prague preserves its medieval street pattern with passion. There’s a 50% chance of snow at this time of year but even a light dusting makes this city appealing.


Salzburg’s Altstadt is one of the masterpieces of Baroque town planning and it’s never prettier than when frosted with freshly fallen snow. Winter tends to reduce the crowds a little, too, so if you’ve never paid your respects to Mozart, the city’s most famous son, it’s the perfect time to go.


Stockholm, built on an island network, is a magical city and even more so in the Winter when the urban city centre is beautifully lit and the natural scenery and landscape is covered in snow and ice! Experience the city from a new perspective when scores of people come together to ice skate, ski, stroll along the harbour or simply take in the spectacular sites of the city.


St Petersburg is like an open museum of architecture. Pass immaculately restored 18th-century palaces and churches as you walk along the banks of the charming River Neva. You’ll feel like you’re in a winter wonderland, strolling against the backdrop to those great Russian novels - especially if a blizzard blows in and blankets the whole city in white.


Yes, the days are short, but you do get the Aurora Borealis, popularly known as the ‘Northern Lights’. The best chance of seeing this fabulous sky-show is out of town. Reykjavik is home to several excellent museums and art galleries, as well as sufficient nightlife for the locals to stave off the winter blues, and with so many natural wonders on its doorstep, a couple of nights here will do the trick!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!