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To your health!

January is here again and no doubt many of you have New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and move to a healthier diet with lots more fruit and vegetables.

But you shouldn’t let that stop you taking a well-earned break. In fact, let it inspire your travels! Having a relaxing time doesn’t have to mean relaxing on your resolutions.

The Flexicover Team takes a look at some of the regional health specialities from around the globe.

Olives in the Mediterranean

For many in the Mediterranean, the food message is simple: eat from the source. Olives and olive oil are widely used in this region’s cooking and it is no surprise as they are rich in mono-unsaturated fat and antioxidants too! So if you’re visiting southern Europe or other parts of the Mediterranean coast this year, you can eat local cuisine safe in the knowledge that it will not all be fatty and unhealthy. Opt for olives as a healthy snack and use fresh olive oil in dressing on your salad. It is no surprise that olives are one of the worlds most enjoyed foods!

Pineapple in South America & the Caribbean

Whilst many associate pineapples with Hawaii, they actually originate in South America. They are one of the most popular tropical fruits, being sweet, juicy, nutritious and healthy too, bursting with vitamins and minerals. Popular almost all over the world now and it’s particularly refreshing in hot climates. Enjoy it as part of your breakfast on holiday, in a juice, smoothie or sorbet on the beach, as a snack (fresh or dried) or grilled as part of a delicious dessert. It’s so versatile and one of your five a day too!

Mint tea in the Middle East

Fresh mint tea is one of the key drinks in this region. It’s consumed throughout the day, offered to guests and a must at parties and gatherings, all sustained by being both healthy and refreshing! Mint tea is made using fresh mint leaves, hot water and green tea, then brewed and served in small glasses rather than cups and saucers. It is also taken as an ancient and popular remedy for indigestion. So whether you visit Dubai, Oman, Lebanon or Egypt this year, adopt mint tea as your regular brew!

Lentils in India

Lentils are one of the world’s primary pulses and are extremely popular in India where much of the population is vegetarian. They come in various sizes and colours and are a great source of protein, high in fibre and have a low glycemic index value making them particularly good for diabetics. Their versatility means they are great for both hot and cold dishes from healthy salads and soups to stews, curries, dhals and purees too. If you happen to visit India this year, enjoy eating lentils in myriad ways!

Grilled meats in Australia

Healthy eating in the antipodean lands isn’t actually hard. The Aussies are big fans of the BBQ which is a great, healthy way of cooking! If you’re planning a trip ‘Down Under’ this year then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on a good old ‘barbie’. With lots of fresh seafood, poultry and meat on the grill, it’s a great way to enjoy food and still be good to yourself. So whether it’s in a beer garden on the beach or on the terrace of a restaurant, enjoy meat the Australian way – leave the rich, fatty sauces behind and throw in some roasted veggies for good measure!

Wherever you decide to travel, Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialists, are committed to providing the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!