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Tips when travelling

Travelling tips

Published: 18 November 2014

Travelling around Europe is great and makes for a wonderful adventure. With so many places to visit and so many things to do, your travels will no doubt leave long lasting memories and capture your heart. However, as with any trip, there are always things you will need to consider and of course making time to put together the perfect itinerary.

Check out Flexicover’s tips for travelling in Europe.

Plan a flexible itinerary

Ensure you leave enough time to carefully prepare your itinerary. Whether you are visiting one destination or a number of different ones, make a list of all the attractions you want to visit and all the things you want to do. This will ensure you cover as many sites as possible within your time frame. We always hope our trips will go smoothly without delays but often when travelling to multiple destinations and catching different flights and trains/buses, delays can happen. Leave enough flexibility in your schedule as well as enough time for you to rest.

Directions to your destination

Travelling around Europe is generally quite easy. However, if you are making your own way to your accommodation once you arrive in a new country and are unsure of where you are going, do ask the locals for help. Most will be more than happy to assist you and point you in the right direction. Many airports will provide maps on arrival so pick one up and have a look or ask at the information desk for buses and train schedules. It may also be a good idea to refer to your guidebook or check the hotel’s website before you travel. They often have directions from the airport/station.

Back up your memory cards

Whilst travelling in Europe, you will capture the most amazing photographs that will stay with you forever. Be sure to have more than one memory card with you and a backup too! Save the photos on a portable memory if you can or host them online as you go along. This is usually quite simple to do and great, should something go wrong. For most travellers, the thought of losing photos and videos is an imaginable one!

Purchase travel insurance

Whilst travelling in Europe or anywhere in the world, travel insurance is absolute key in providing peace of mind in difficult circumstances. Most UK insurance policies will offer assistance 24×7 by just one phone call, a big help when you are in another country and unfamiliar with their processes. Do ensure you have the right policy to suit your needs. Flexicover are committed to providing the highest level of protection to ensure you are safe and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

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