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The World's 10 Most Honest Cities

Would you keep a mobile phone or a wallet if you found one or hand it in to the local police station? Reader's Digest wanted to know.

They randomly chose some of the world's cities and deliberately "lost" 30 mobile phones in each of them. Then they advised the nearest police stations and waited for a call from the finder.

They then put together a list of the world's top ten honest cities. We highlight the winners below in order of merit.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia
The capital of Slovenia was the surprising winner of the test. Many stories in the press concentrate on the less honest and unattractive aspects of Eastern Europe but 29 out of 30 cell phones were returned to their rightful owner.

2. Toronto, Canada
Canada's largest city should be proud of its inhabitants where 28 out of 30 phones were returned. This should not be any surprise really as Canada has, for many years, ranked highly in surveys of life quality and contentedness of the population.

3. Seoul, South Korea
South Korea has to be one of the world's leading countries in gadgets and the latest technology. Maybe our latest mobiles were "old hat" for the Koreans as 27 out of 30 were returned. Could it be that the missing three were retained by tourists?

4. Stockholm, Sweden
The first North European city on the list, Stockholm ranked fourth which may come as a disappointment as the city has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Four phones went missing.

5=. Mumbai, India (Joint 5th)
Mumbai has a lot to be proud of considering the dense population of this rapidly growing city. With 60% of Mumbai's population living in slums, this is proof that poverty does not lead to dishonesty. Only six phones lost.

5=. Manila, the Philippines (Joint 5th Position)
Another Asian surprise! The second most populated city of Philippines shares the fifth rank with Mumbai and New York. Only 6 phones went missing.

5=. New York, USA (Joint 5th Position)
Not bad for New York considering the number of inhabitants and tourists, combined with the absolute anonymity one has in the 'Big Apple'. 6 phones went AWOL.

8=. Helsinki, Finland (Joint 8th Position)
Helsinki is the second Scandinavian representative, proving that it is a safe choice for the World Design Capital in 2012 with 7 phones going missing.

8=. Budapest, Hungary (Joint 8th Position)
Budapest, the capital of Hungary and ranked third in an Emerging Markets Index of 2008, attracts over 20 million tourists every year and should be proud of its place in the survey.

8=. Warsaw, Poland (Joint 8th Position)
Despite being razed to the ground during the Second World War, our seventh capital in the top 10 has a thriving economy and hardiness to make it to the top ten.

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