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The wonder of winter lands

One of the most beautiful sights you can wake up to is that of a fresh layer of powdery white snow covering everything for as far as the eyes can see. And if the air is crisp and the sun is shining it’s easy to understand why some folk consider this type of vista exhilarating.

Whilst often cold and grey, winter can be quite a magical time too, especially if you’re planning to spend some of it in a picture perfect winter wonderland. Apart from the usual snow based pursuits on offer at such destinations, there’s generally a range of different experiences and activities to enjoy. Plus if you don’t fancy heading to a ‘snowy’ destination there are lots of locations that are specifically themed to celebrate the joys of the season such as London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and the beautiful Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Get ready to pack your warmest sweaters, cosy hats, scarves and winter coats as the Flexicover Team lists some of the world’s more inspiring and picturesque destinations for winter vacations.

Andorra la Vella, Andorra

This landlocked country is a wonderful holiday destination lying high in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. Located about three hours from Barcelona, Andorra La Vella is Europe’s highest capital city and famous as a foremost winter wonderland. Here you can enjoy many snow-based activities such as skiing, tubing and snowshoeing on the scenic mountain slopes that surround the city. And with abundant après-ski options, including spas and over 2000 shops, you’ll find much to enjoy.

Shirakawa, Japan

This beautiful village in Gifu prefecture records some of the highest snowfall in the world. The annual average snowfall here is often more than 10m. It is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the distinct traditional architecture known as gassho-zukuri that the houses here display. These have dense thatched roofs that are constructed in a unique way to prevent collapse during the frequently heavy snowfalls. With the backdrop of snowy forests and the Ryohaku Mountains this is a traditionally enchanting wonderland to adore.

Zakopane, Poland

Considered the ‘winter capital’ of Poland, Zakopane is a true winter paradise. There are some amazingly beautiful skiing and snowboarding slopes to enjoy and the town regularly hosts events in the Ski Jumping World Cup. For more thrills you can try snowmobile rides and dog sledding. Zakopane also attracts those wishing to experience the góral culture of Poland’s Highlands folk, which is celebrated in traditional style during the winter months with dances, decorated sleighs and street performers galore.

Bled, Slovenia

If you’re looking to be charmed by the ethereal beauty of winter then this town in north-western Slovenia is where to go. A mesmerising glacial lake lies on the town’s edge, surrounding a small island on which stands a serene 17th century Gothic church. Ringing the church’s bell is supposed to bring good luck. One of Slovenia’s oldest medieval castles, Bled Castle, stands imposingly on the lake shore and sports an enchanting coat of snow during winter. The surrounding mountains and forests all contribute to showcasing winter’s natural glory.

Quebec City, Canada

One of the best winter wonderland attractions to visit is the Carnaval de Québec, held annually in Quebec’s provincial capital. This winter festival, which started in 1955, attracts over a million people each year wishing to enjoy fun events and displays such as ice sculptures, canoe races, art installations and concerts. One of the highlights is a masquerade ball held in the grand ballroom of the Château Frontenac. Its official ‘ambassador’ is a jolly snowman named Bonhomme who welcomes all to the best winter has to offer.

From hauntingly beautiful Bled Castle to the ski slopes of Zakopane and the cultural events in Quebec, winter wonderland holidays offer you some of the most enchanting travel experiences. No matter where you go, remember that we at Flexicover are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.