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The most spine chilling Halloween destinations in Europe

Halloween destinations

Published: 10 November 2014

Halloween in Europe can be an exciting time! If trick or treating, fancy costumes, ghost stories and haunted castles are your thing, you are in for a real treat! Get in touch with the traditional roots of this festival and take a spine-chilling holiday in Europe.

Transylvania in Romania is a great choice and should be top of your list! It is the legendary birthplace of Bram Stoker’s famed character, Count Dracula, known as one of the most famous vampires to walk the night ways of history. A tour of the haunted Bran castle should be a must; you’re bound to have a creepy experience! And if spooky exploring isn’t your thing, Transylvania is surrounded by quaint villages, palaces and citadels that you can explore for a lovely city break.

Although London may be known as more of a cosmopolitan, hip and glamorous city in Europe, its bloody history, ancient stone buildings and spine-chilling dark alleys make for a hair-raising experience. Hear the whispered stories of one of the most infamous serial killers of the era, and learn more about this elusive character, known as Jack the Ripper! From mystical tours to colourful parades and events, London will definitely give you the chills this Halloween.

Although known as the “City by the Sea”, Ostend of Belgium has a reputation of being one of the best Halloween cities in Europe. Catch the celebrations as they begin at the start of the month; with colourful decorations and people masquerading as creepy creatures. If you prefer to learn more about the traditional roots of Halloween celebrations, visit Scotland or Ireland. The rituals followed by this daunting festival draw its origins from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Wherever you are in Europe during Halloween, you are likely to be greeted with vibrant rituals, exotic attires and traditional celebrations, along with the possibility of encountering the paranormal! So still your trembling heart, join in the fun and make it a memorable one this year!

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