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The Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2015

Travel Tips

Published: 14 February 2015

Whatever your budget, there are some great travel adventures to be had this year.
From sunny beaches to wildlife escapes and from bustling cities to charming towns, we’ve got a great list of places that need not dent your bank balance.

Tunisia offers a great introduction to North Africa and is diverse in its offerings. Bursting with souks and medinas, it’s a great place for shopping. Haggle for rugs and lanterns and bag yourself a real bargain. Visit traditional Bedouin tribes in the desert and take camel rides too. Sun seekers may prefer to stay in one of the many wonderful coastline resorts in Hammamet, the number one beach town. Enjoy walks on its golden shores and swim in the sea. Complete bliss and great value too!

South Africa
With the value of the rand fluctuating, if South Africa has always been on your bucket list, now might just be the right time to go! Plan your trip carefully so you set out exactly what you want to see, explore and experience and then search for the best price possible. Our recommendation? Enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe of Cape Town, visit some world-class wineries, and of course, go on safari to see the Big Five and more.

If you’re a non-fussy traveller who doesn’t necessarily need luxury and can make do with basic accommodation and transport (pretty important characteristics of a budget traveller), then you’ll love Samoa, a group of islands dotted in the South Pacific Ocean. Samoa will welcome you with open arms. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life as you live in local homestays and roam the beautiful beaches and charming town markets, sampling delicious Samoan street food. This is the perfect place to recharge your mind, body and soul.

Connected to the rest of Europe by budget airlines, Romania is the perfect Eastern European budget destination to visit this year. Accommodation rates are relatively low and you can get some great deals during holiday season too. Explore the nether regions of the country, staying in home stays in medieval villages, visiting magnificent castles and even taking a relaxed ferry ride through the Danube Delta if time permits. A great place for a break away.

There are a number of destinations in Asia that are equipped for budget travellers. Taiwan is an island-country (under Chinese governance) that will call to most budget-travellers’ souls. Its capital, Taipei, is much cheaper than Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo and you can stay in dormitories and homestays for a fraction of the price of a hotel room. Entry to museums, temples and other attractions is also very affordable and food costs range from surprisingly cheap street food to moderately priced restaurant fare. With so much to see and do, this is a great place to explore and you won’t be disappointed.

Whether it’s an island in the pacific, a beach in the Mediterranean or a national park in Africa, we hope you have a great trip. Remember to take your Flexicover travel insurance with you.

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