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Taking the plunge!

With summer now on its way, you may wonder whether to give the gym or hotel pool a miss this year and head out somewhere different for a more adventurous swim.

It could be the sea, a lake or beside a waterfall at an unforgettable location.

Here are 5 unique locations that come highly favoured.

Jellyfish Lake, Palau: Watch video (2 mins)

One of the most beautiful swimming experiences in the world, this marine lake is located on Eil Malk island in Palau, about 800km east of the Philippines. Famed for its golden and moon jellyfish, millions of which migrate across the lake on a daily basis, it remains a fairly isolated environment which has allowed the jellyfish to flourish through lack of predators. Popular with snorkelers, no other site affords the opportunity to swim amongst over 10 million shimmering jellyfish - this really is a unique and unforgettable experience! Oh, and evolution has rendered their sting almost entirely harmless to humans.

The Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel/Palestine: Watch video (4 mins)

Situated in a rift valley between Jordan, Israel and the West Bank, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on dry land, some 423m below sea level and the lake itself is 377m deep. Swimming here is an experience and, with some of the most saline water on earth, it is rather tricky. The salty water is extremely buoyant enabling you to float with ease. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you can recline in the water and read a book without sinking! A combination of water, salt and mud are said to be therapeutic, used in remedies for skin problems – the Dead Sea was probably one of the world’s first health resorts!

Devil’s Pool, Zambia/Zimbabwe: Watch video (3 mins)

A naturally formed “infinity pool” at the top of the what is considered the largest waterfall in the world, the Victoria Falls in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, has got to be one of the most spectacular places for a swim! A natural lip in the rock just below the water’s surface makes a dip in this pool an extraordinary experience, allowing you to gaze over the edge to the river over 100m below during the months of September to December.

Sognefjord, Norway:Watch video (2 mins)

Norway has some spectacular landscapes and its largest fjord, Sognefjord, at over 200km long, is no exception, stretching from the North Sea to the quaint village of Skjolden. One of its branches (Nærøyfjord) is a World Heritage Site and you will find swimming here in crystal-clear waters to be fabulous, particularly in the summer months! It comes as no surprise that many often label this as one of the most beautiful travel destinations, full of unspoilt nature and dramatic scenery.

The Königsee, Germany: Watch video (2 mins)

The Königssee, large parts of which are situated in the Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria, is one of Germany’s cleanest lakes and one of the highest at 603m above sea level. The clear emerald green waters make it a popular swimming spot in the summer, attracting visitors the world over. Framed by impressive mountains, its picturesque setting brings hundreds of enthusiastic swimmers and energetic hikers to its shores every year. Regular boat trips also take people out into the lake to show off the valley’s clear echo by playing a brass horn – the sound of which may be heard reflected up to seven times!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!