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Signs it's time to travel!

Feel like you need to escape? Somewhere? Anywhere? Do you have a long list of places ‘I must see’ - and it’s getting ever longer?

When is it a good time to head off into the wild blue yonder?

Let's take stock…

Celebrity Life

Is too much reality TV leaving you feeling bored and complacent? Are you becoming more and more consumed by the celebrity world? If the media makes you feel wistful and you’ve got little time to read, update your diary or even just stop and think, then it must be time to get away. This time make some time for you to go where you want to!

Authentic Cuisine

Fed up with supermarket ‘food-from-around-the-world’ sections or bored with your local Chinese and Indian restaurants? Then head out to the real thing! Consider a wine tour of France, a cooking holiday in rustic Italy or even just the sights and sounds of the Far East. Think of all those incredibly delicious local dishes you will taste – cook and dine the authentic way!

Skype and Facebook

Do you chat with more of your family and friends internationally than at home? Are you fed up with seeing everyone else’s holiday snaps? Book that well deserved trip and visit those friends and relatives who you keep promising to see. They miss you and there’s no time like now!

Overflowing Technology

Do you keep buying the latest gadgets? Is your home overflowing with the must-have smartphones, iPads, coffee machines, DVD recorders, mp3 players and netbooks? Maybe it’s time to quit this wired world. Visit someplace you’ve always wanted to go – the rolling wilderness of Canada or the lakes and forests of Germany. Or perhaps combine your travels with some voluntary work. It could be the most rewarding thing you’ve done and will provide lifelong memories of somewhere you’ve made a difference.


If your city, town or village isn’t stimulating any more, a new environment may be just what the doctor ordered. Be it a new city, a different skyline, a mountainous landscape, a beach or an endless ocean you want to be in tune with, there is a whole world out there waiting for you!

Pack up your bags and make this year a memorable one.

If any of the above tempt you to take a break this year, you can rest assured, Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialist, will provide you with the highest level of service to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!