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Sheena's Mauritius Adventure

Sheena's Mauritius Adventure

Published: 7 December 2017

Author: Sheena Simaria

Winter Sun
Just as the weather in the UK starts to turn bitter, we love to escape for a bit of winter sun. This year, we decided to visit the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. We love visiting new destinations and this had been on our list for a while so it seemed like a perfect choice. Research also shows that November is a great month for warm weather there.

Choosing a hotel
After a lot of research and speaking to friends who had visited before, we decided to stay at the Lux Belle Mare resort on the east coast of the island. We had heard the best beaches were on the east side and the hotel also offered an all-inclusive option which usually works for us and our young children. We had stayed with the same hotel chain the year before in the Maldives and really enjoyed it so we hoped this would be another great holiday!

We weren’t disappointed! The resort, staff, facilities and the views were all incredible and we felt we were in paradise from the moment we arrived. The first four days were very sunny, and we spent our time swimming, lazing and relaxing. Our two year old girls loved the huge swimming pool, building sandcastles on the beach and playing with other children they had met! The last three days were cooler, with some tropical showers, which is unusual for November but they were short lived.

Island Tour
To break up our week, we spent a full day out on the road, seeing some wonderful sites around the island. We hired a driver and a big comfortable mini van and started our day at Casela, a nature and adventure park on the west coast of the island. This was a perfect few hours for the kids; they were enthralled by the lions, feeding huge tortoises bigger than them and doing a jeep safari too!
Our next stop in the south west was to see the seven coloured sands, a geological formation of sand dunes that boast 7 distinct colours. The sands settle in different layers and whilst this is a popular tourist destination, it was great to see!
Our final stop was to the sacred lake of Ganga Talao which represents the River Ganges in India. This is a holy place for Hindus and is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit. Situated in the South West of the island, it’s surrounded by Hindu temples and statues of Hindu gods and shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many come to visit, pray, enjoy the lake views and play with the local monkeys.
There are lots of things to see in Mauritius, we chose what we thought would work best for us with young children. The hotel had lots of information on different tours available and lots to suit different needs.

Trip Highlights

  • The beautiful beaches of the east coast
  • The beach views of turquoise waters
  • The wonderful, private breakfast the hotel set up for our family on the beach
  • The delicious, fresh food served in all the restaurants
  • Café lux – the coffee shop open all day serving the best coffee and frappes
  • The friendly people

For us, it was a great trip and worth the 12 hour flight!

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