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Safe Journeys!

Can you guess the five safest countries to visit? In a recent survey, asked 3,000 British holidaymakers and found some surprising destinations:


With visitor numbers up 11% from the UK, we can't get enough of Denmark. Henrik Kahn, director of Visit Denmark UK, says that a lot of it might have to do with the short flight time, and the relatively uncrowded streets. He says: "It's clean and orderly, streets and pavements are well-lit at night and are particularly safe. The Danes speak excellent English and like visitors, and our visitors like Denmark." See picture

New Zealand

Although it suffered a big earthquake in Christchurch in February this year, devastating natural disasters in New Zealand are few and far between. The British make up its second largest number of overseas visitors (after the Aussies of course!). Gregg Anderson of Tourism New Zealand says: "UK visitors feel safe here as the country is relatively small, accessible and easy to travel around in. There's no language barrier, we have a stable economy and a very low crime rate." No wonder we Brits enjoy NZ. See picture


A British colony until 1960, the widespread use of English as a language has made this Mediterranean island very popular with British holidaymakers. Besides the lure of the sun, familiar customs like driving on the left make getting around more appealing too. Cyprus received just under a million visitors from the UK last year - almost half its annual tourist traffic. See picture


France received over 74 million visitors in 2009. For Brits in particular, its proximity to the UK - a short plane, car/ferry or train ride away - makes it quick and easy to reach. It's particularly appealing to young families and to those who wish to avoid airports. We've been holidaying in France for years, lured by its appealing cuisine, pretty landscape and vibrant cities. France is also the No. 1 destination for the highest motoring visitors from the UK. See picture


"About 15 million British tourists visit Spain each year," says Carmen Hernández Gómez from the Spanish Tourist Board. "They know it really well - most have been coming here for decades and nine in 10 have been before, so they instantly feel at home. Hospitals, airports and communications are excellent and it's just two hours away from Britain." See picture

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!