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Royalty - Beautiful Castles to Visit in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Castles

Published: 28 May 2015

Surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany, the country of Luxembourg may be relatively tiny, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its impressiveness. Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy on the planet and the world’s third richest city. It is also home to astounding natural beauty and some incredible palaces, castles and fortifications that are all top Luxembourg attractions. In fact, we loved the castles of Luxembourg so much, we’re sharing our top 3 picks with you so you can visit them yourself when you visit Luxembourg:

Castle Bourscheid:
This triangular shaped castle is located at an elevation of 150 metres above the Sûre River and is one of the popular Luxembourg tourist attractions. Access to the castle ruins is from the north-west and it offers simply magnificent views of the three valleys that surround it. Starting out as a wooden fort centuries ago, the castle displays a mix of towers, and structures some of which are being restored currently. Getting to the castle is half the fun as you get to drive down a beautiful winding road that some claim is the most scenic route in the country. Some parts like House Stolzembourg and a porter’s lodge have been restored, but the castle is best viewed at night, when illuminated.

Vianden Castle:
This castle that stands proudly on a hill up the banks of the Our River has been restored to almost its former glory and you can see many old artefacts and weapons. The Vianden Castle is one of the most beautiful ones in the country and is one of the best places to visit in Luxembourg from the Roman and Gothic era. Until the 15th century, the castle belonged to the Counts of Vianden, and after being passed down the German House of Nassau and sold to a spice merchant it fell into the hands of the Grand Ducal family and was later passed into state ownership. The Vianden village at the base of the castle is absolutely charming and the castle is known as one of the most important historical monuments in the continent. Definitely a must-visit during your holidays in Luxembourg.

Grand Ducal Palace:
The residence of the Grand Duke right within Luxembourg City, the Grand Ducal Palace is undeniably beautiful. It dates back to the 16th century and has one of the most impressive facades. The interiors, as you’d expect, are unbelievably plush. If your Luxembourg holidays are planned for the summer then do make it a point to visit the Grand Ducal Palace since it is open for tours at that time. One of the most popular and highly recommended things to do in Luxembourg is to take a grand tour of the Grand Ducal Palace.

Luxembourg travel may not be easy on the pocket, but it definitely is easy on the eyes. So get your Luxembourg travel insurance and make the most of your Luxembourg holidays in 2015!

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