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Premium is the amount of money that you pay for an insurance policy. To arrive at a premium information is collected by the provider and the premium would then be calculated.

To calculate a premium the following will need to be taken into consideration, the region you are travelling, age of traveller, medical condition (if applicable), trip duration. This will produce the cost of travel. Any fees or charges will be added to this along with insurance tax which is currently 20%.

A premium must be paid in full for cover to be in force for when you travel. Whilst you are arranging your insurance it is always important to read the policy terms and conditions before agreeing to make the purchase. Your provider will provide you with full information about the policy to enable you to make a decision that the policy is right for you.

After you have made the purchase you will have 14 days to examine the policy documents. If during this period you decide that this no longer meets your needs you will be able to obtain a full refund of premium provided that no claims have been made and you have not travelled.

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