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Personal Liability

When choosing a travel insurance policy it is always necessary to fully read the policy terms and conditions to check that all the benefits required are included in the policy selection that you have made. Personal liability in a travel insurance policy is a slightly different benefit in that the cover shown in the policy document is usually the total amount payable per policy and not per person.

Personal liability in travel insurance is there to provide cover for legal costs and expenses against any amount that you become legally liable to pay as compensation for any claim or claims that arise from one event or a series of events .

The legal liability may arise from any of the following;

Bodily injury, death, illness or disease to any person who is not in your employment, not a close relative and not living in your home.

Loss or damage to property that does not belong to you and is neither under your charge or control, a close relative, anyone in your employment or anyone living in your home other than any temporary holiday occupation occupied but not owned by you.

Should a personal liability claim arise it is always necessary to provide written notice to the insurer as soon as possible. Other requirements an insurer may have would be;

  1. Send any legal letter or advise of any communication to the insurer
  2. No admission of liability must be given or offer to pay any amount in settlement of the claim.
  3. In the event of any proceedings an insurer will require to take over and defend in your name any claims for compensation or otherwise against a third party. You will be required to cooperate and give assistance at all times as the insurer will required to complete all negotiations on settlement with any third party.
  4. In the event of your death your legal representative will receive the full benefit of your policy but will need to comply with the terms and conditions of the policy.

  5. It is not possible to cover every eventuality under personal liability and the following are typically not covered under this section of the policy.

    1. Any policy excess that may be payable shown in your policy document.
    2. Compensation or legal costs that may arise from
    3. Liability that has been assumed by you( for example in a hire agreement) unless liability would have existed without the agreement.
    4. Liability when pursuing any business, trade, profession or occupation or the supply of goods or services.
    5. Ownership, possession or use of any mechanically propelled vehicles, aircraft or watercraft. ( other than surfboards or manually propelled rowing boats, punts or canoes.)
    6. The transmission of any communicable disease or virus.
  6. Your policy will also include general exclusions which should also be checked for any items that relate to personal liability.
  7. There may be some winter sports activities where personal liability will not apply and your wording should be checked for details of these.
  8. Any voluntary work.

Any legal expense or cost can be very expensive and the costs can vary by country depending where you are. Personal liability cover is a very valuable benefit to have in your policy and the amount of cover available will often be quite significant.

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